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Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Senior Manager of the Leonid Chernovetskyi Charity Fund, Tbilisi

Salary up to $1500 plus generous performance-based bonuses. Probation period - one month with a salary of $700.

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Higher education in any field of knowledge.

  2. Experience in independent preparation of necessary materials and documents (plans, reports, memos, commercial proposals, presentation materials).

  3. Presentable appearance, experience, and skills in conducting successful negotiations with company executives and founders to attract resources, services, and goods.

  4. Fluency in Georgian, Russian and English (both written and oral). For non-Georgian managers – fluency in Russian and English with mandatory Georgian language learning.

  5. Analytical mind.

  6. Recommendations from the last two jobs.

  7. Availability of own motor transport. 

  8. Desire to improve in management and earn money.

Note: We do not expect candidates to talk about their kindness and compassion. All decent people possess these qualities. So, please refrain from mentioning this aspect of your character! 

We are looking for a tough business person or someone capable of becoming one, ready to accept criticism, highly motivated to earn money using their professional qualities.

Working Conditions:

  1. Official employment.

  2. Irregular working hours 

  3. High bonuses, often exceeding the In response, you will receive a vacancy test and instructions for completion!

Send your resume to the HR department email at Email subject "Manager". In response, you will receive a test assignment related to the job vacancy along with instructions for its completion!