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Dato Khujadze shared his charity plans with the society

Charity in Georgia
year ago

In the interview with the journalists the popular singer Dato Khujadze stated that he is going to hold a charity concert at least once a year, the donated money will be completely transferred for the children with leukaemia.

“My biggest regret in my life is that I could not start a family I wanted.

In 2015 I have a lot of plans. 3 months ago I made a music clip in Paris. Now I start working on the second song that I release in April.

Dato Portchkhidze and I have a children’s studio “Face” that expands gradually. We have great children.

The most important thing is that the children sing life. I shall transfer the donated money in favour of children with leukaemia.

I shall hold such concerts at least once a year and I advise all singers to be active and to hold charity concerts”, - Dato Khujadze said.

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