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Charity of the chain store of household appliances “Electronika”

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year ago

As you already know there are more and more companies wishing to do some charity work. In this regard, we appreciate the New Year’s action of the chain store of household appliances “Electronika” within the framework of which on December 19, 20, 21 1% from the total value of sold products would go for Kobuleti boarding school to provide it with modern and high quality household appliances.

The representatives of “Electronika” have already brought the appliances to the boarding school and made the children very happy. They totally donated: a large plasma TV, a washing machine, three kitchen exhausts, two irons, a hair dryer, a blender and 2 coffee machines.

“Social Partnership” thanks the chain store of household appliances “Electronika” for kindness and wishes success in the activities. Let all well-wisher people have opportunities to do good.

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