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Learning process in family type home is in progress

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year ago

The learning process started at family type home and the private tutors resumed their visits and give intensive lessons of English, Russian and Mathematics to the children. As a result the children study very well at public school and get good education. The Fund takes care that our pupils get education as well as food, clothes and medical service of proper quality. For healthy lifestyle and physical development the children go to gymnastics and dance classes.

According to our ideology the role of a parent in a child’s upbringing is very important. The goal of the Fund is to ensure happy childhood and a better future for children. We do our best to give the children and their parents an opportunity to communicate with each other and for that reason we invite the parents regularly.

The Fund organizes joint excursions and picnics to improve relationship between the children and their parent. It is significant for us that the children and their parents maintain relations and to improve them as much as possible.

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