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14 of 500 patients of “Home Care Project” are sightless

Fund News
year ago

The number of the patients of “Home Care Project” will increase with 150 people. These are elderly bedridden or housebound people who need care and support most.

Qualified nurses and their assistants provide bedridden patients with proper medical and psychological support in their homes. We supply our beneficiaries with necessary medicines, food products and hygiene means bought by the benefactors.

It is worth noting that 14 patients of the Fund are sightless for whom it is difficult to communicate with the external world and our nurses help them solve the problems and to improve their health.

If you have any information about lonely people who need assistance at home, please contact us. We shall help them without fail!

The address of the Fund “Social Partnership” is: Vazisubani St, 88a, Tbilisi, Georgia

We would be very glad to see you in our office from 10:00 till 18:00

Telephone: +995 32 219 33 21

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