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Our children congratulate the Home Care beneficiaries with Easter

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year ago

The children from the family type orphanage of the Charity Fund “Social Partnership” decided that they congratulate Home Care beneficiary Mariam Marzashvili with Easter.

Mrs. Mariam is 78 years old and she is bedridden, she broke her leg in the car accident and due to her deteriorating health condition she cannot move. Her husband and child died and she is alone. Her main comfort is the program “Home Care” that extends her life and makes her happier.

On Easter the children handed over a basket with sweets to Mrs. Mariam. It was a very warm atmosphere there and in the end the children received presents from her – socks knitted by her.

The Fund actively continues to help and to support elderly persons and children in need and wishes them to be happy and prosperous for many Easter days.

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