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The results of the fulfilled work by “Social Partnership” in 2015. image

The results of the fulfilled work by “Social Partnership” in 2015.

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The budget of the Fund in 2015 amounts to 1 928 516 GEL.

4 major charity programs were fulfilled:

1.  Home Care (aid for lonely, house-bound and bed-ridden old people in Tbilisi at their residence places)

741 beneficiaries received aid all over the year in the framework of the Home Care project.

The employees of the Fund made 33 953 visits to the patients, including:

- 11 381 visits of nurses;

- 9860 visits of the nurses’ assistants;

- 8 831 visits of the social workers;

- 3 881 visits of doctors.

During 2015 the patients underwent 83 306 medical procedures, including:

- 45 197 preventive measures (prevention of bedsores, muscle atrophy, thrombosis and pneumonia and so on).

- 18 188 diagnostic measures (doctor’s consultation, neuropathologist, surgery, control of vital signs, monitoring of the state, glucometry and so on).

- 12 279 manipulative measures (injections, urinary catheters, their treatment, enema, treatment of cystoma, treatment of wounds and their dressing, removal of stitches, treatment of the stoma/probe etc.)

- 7 642  rehabilitation measures (message, exercise therapy, breathing and isometric exercises, rubbing and so on).

During 2015 the patients underwent 25 117 hygienic procedures of different types and additional measures, including:

- 8 158 assistance at home in household tasks;

- 7 797 partial bathing;

- 4 944 change of diapers;

- 4 005 assistance in complete or incomplete dressing and undressing;

- 3 265 change of linens;

- 2 351 nail and hair care;

- 870 complete bathing;

- 765 nose and ear sanation;

- 670 shaving;

- 450 help with eating.

2 728 measures of social aid and mediation were performed during 2015 (help with the documents, reception of the prescriptions, medical form 100 and so on, bringing of dinner from social canteen, accompany of the patients to medical or other establishments, payment of municipal services,  going for shopping upon patient’s request, application to the state bodies for receipt of aid provided by the state for the patients, or social aid and so on).

The Fund supplied the patients with financial aid free of charge:

- 571 beneficiaries were supplied with vital medications every month.

- 553 beneficiaries were supplied with food products every month.

- 534 beneficiaries were supplied with diapers and auxiliary mats every month.

- 505 beneficiaries were supplied with health aids every month.

During 2015 the following were distributed free of charge among the beneficiaries:

- 1 775 food products ration (buckwheat, rice, oats, sugar, oil, margarine, canned meat and fish, tea), gross weight of it is 16 099,48 kg, the total budget amounts to 52 469,61 GEL;

- 1 200 health aids (soap, washing powder, toilet paper, dishwashing gel and sponges) with the total amount 8 053,00 GEL;

- 4 789 packs of diapers with the total amount 106 710,64 GEL;

- 68 types of medicines, which have vital importance for bed-ridden people, including: hypotensive, heart, anti-diabetic, antiepileptic and so on) with the total amount 100 538,76 GEL;

The budged of Home Care project in 2015 amounted to 743 525 GEL.

2.  Family type orphanage in Tbilisi.

10 socially unprotected children and orphans lived in the family type orphanage during 2015. The children became healthy and wholesome food four times a day, they are also supplied with new clothes and school supplies. The children have dance and gymnastics classes, they have individual tutors in mathematics, Georgian, English and Russian languages. In summer they were in Kobuleti, on the see for one month.

The budged of the family type orphanage in 2015 amounted to 226 240 GEL.

3.  Boarding school in Kobuleti.

20 socially unprotected children lived in the boarding school during 2015.

The children became healthy and wholesome food four times a day, they are also supplied with new clothes and school supplies. Children had football and music classes, additionally they had tutors individual tutors in mathematics, Georgian, English and Russian languages, the psychologist worked with the children.

The budget of Kobuleti boarding school amounted to 238 352 GEL.

4. Assistance for families with many children

During 2015 the Fund assisted 70 children from socially unprotected large families all over Georgia. The Fund transferred 100 GEL for each child every month. With this money the parents bought food, medicines, clothes, shoes and school supplies.

With the help of the Fund the children became healthy and wholesome nutrition, they go to school regularly and they started to develop.

In 2015 the budget of the project “Assistance for socially unprotected large families” amounted to 57 600 GEL.

Outside the charity projects the Fund carried out single assistance cases as well:

1.  100 000 GEL were transferred for those affected by the flood in June 2015.

2.  Organization of vacation in Kobuleti for 62 children, whose parents were military officials and police employees who died in performance of duties – 25 800 GEL.

3.  Food products for 520 socially unprotected families – 8 540 GEL.

4.  Participation in restoration of Grigol Khandzteli Church in Kobuleti – 7 000 GEL.


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