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Assistance for the large family with many children of Kobulashvili

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year ago

Friends, not long ago on the website of “Social Partnership” we published a harrowing story of the large family with many children of Kobulashvili (

6 children have to live in unbearable conditions, within four concrete walls, without any living conditions. The state of the family got even worse when the mother of the children, Ekaterine, was diagnosed cancer. They only hoped that responsive people would help to save their mother.

Many of you were moved by the problems of this family.

A lot of people declared themselves ready to help this family. Some of them brought products, some – clothes and linens. Some financed Eka’s medical examination. Kind and responsive people deposited 2179 GEO on the account of the Fund. With this money we financed Ekaterine’s emergency operation, the state covered 70%, and the rest 30% in amount of 1631.59 GEL we paid from the donated money. With united efforts we could save the life of a mother of 6 little children!

With the donated money we also bought a gas cooker, products and required medicines for Ekaterine and the children.

We thank all who didn’t leave this family in such difficult situation. We wish you health and prosperity!

If you have an opportunity to help them one more time, you may deposit money on the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 and GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: family of Kobulashvili) or direct on the web site of the Fund

This family has more problems and we hope that with united efforts we shall be able to solve them!
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