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Dear friends, our Fund “Social Partnership” Plans to open a center for homeless people.

We made this decision, because we see in what awful conditions our many citizens are, who lost their dwellings and are on the street! You may have noticed many times elderly people who shyly search for food in waste baskets!

Our hearts sink, when we see that people live in the hardest conditions next to us, who used to work. There are teachers, builders, engineers among them… But due to different reasons they are on the street and no one takes care of them!

Anybody, who is in desperate situation, can come to our support center!

Here, each person in need can get here hot dinner, get warm, take a shower, wash clothes, have hair done, have shoes repaired, get medical examination and receive most necessary medicines, to have consultations with a lawyer.

Our Fund applied Tbilisi City Hall with a request to arrange an area for the center. We hope that the city government will support our initiative!
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