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Thank you, dear girls, for your kindness and charity! image

Thank you, dear girls, for your kindness and charity!

year ago

Thank you, dear girls, for your kindness and charity!

12th May is the International Nurses Day. On this day Florence Nightingale was born, who founded the order of Sisters of Charity. It is such a beautiful word, SISTER OF CHARITY... Just think of it. It perfectly well explains the activity done every day by nurses of the Chernovetskyi Fund, without holidays or days-off, for already five years! They take care of 600 patients who live in unbearable conditions.

Our nurses are the kindest ones; they are communicative, noble and kind-hearted. Certainly, high professionalism is obligatory for this profession, but human factor is always on the first place!

As a sign of a profound gratitude and recognition, the Chernovetskyi Fund arranged a holiday for our colleagues! They deserved it!

We are glad that you are our team! Thank you so much for taking the pain of each patient close to your heart, thank you, dear girls, you are the only hope and the meaning of life for our beneficiaries!

We would like to express profound gratitude to the companies which helped to make this day unforgettable for them!

·  Kopala Tskheti entertainment center provided us with a hall to arrange this festive event.

·  Yves Rocher presented its perfumed products to our nurses.

·  Navne network of shops presented hygiene products to the girls.

·  Tumanishvili Theater invited the Fund staff to watch a performance.

·  Digomi 2008 swimming pool gave its subscription certificates to the medical workers.

·  Edelweiss company cooked tasty snacks for the cocktail dinner.

·  Wine Gallery company decorated the festive cocktail dinner with Kindzmarauli and Tsinandali wines.

·  And coffee and pastry shop Le Gato made this holiday especially festive and distinctively tasty!


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