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Chernovetskyi Fund organized a holiday for children! image

Chernovetskyi Fund organized a holiday for children!

year ago

Every day children from poor families, who are deprived of all joy in life and childhood and who live in unbearable conditions come to our Fund. Their parents cannot provide the children with the simplest things – even a piece of hard bread is something delicious for them. And presents and holidays are absolutely out of question.

On the International Children's Day Chernovetskyi Fund organized a real holiday especially for these miserable children! From the very morning the Fund office was filled with merry laughter and happy cries of the children!!!

Every their smile is our meaning of life – it means that we do everything in a right way, as it is acceptable before God.

We would like to express our gratitude to the friendly and merry FANBAS team who amused the children, Tolia company who treated the guests with tasty ice-cream, and we also would like to thank all those kind people who support the projects of our Fund. As making good things together is much easier!


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