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Memory of the deceased patients.

year ago

For Chernovetskyi Fund, every person who we care of becomes so close and native that we are concerned with him or her as with our family members. Every step to recovery is a joy for all our staff, and loss of a person is our common sorrow.

We bitterly inform that recently very good and kind people departed, and we just would like to share our sorrow with you. These people were lonely, but they deserve to be remembered...

Gabliani Liza was born in 1926. She was a teacher by vocation. She lived an interesting life, but due to a blood-stroke she survived she was laid low; our staff took care of her and did everything possible to soothe her sufferings, but on June 13, 2017 Mrs. Liza died at in-patient facility because of cardiopulmonary failure.

Choheli Zakaria – born in 1939. He was registered in the program since 2013. He used to be a professional driver in the past. Because of diabetes he lost both legs, our nurses treated his wounds, changed wound dressings, monitored his health state... Mr. Zakaria passed away on 01.06.2017 at in-patient facility because of cardiopulmonary failure.

We took care of Mrs. Robakidze Tamaray  – born in 1929 - since 2015. We helped in hygiene treatments, helped her to get assistance from the State.

Gegidze Levan – born in 1976, after a head trauma got into a very complicated condition and despite all our efforts we could not save the young man…

We had been taking care of Mamaladze Givi – born in 1929 - since 2013. Mr. Givi was a geologist by vocation. He loved his job. He lived with a seriously ill wife. Our nurses made 150 visits, a wide scope of medical and hygienic treatments was made, and certain psychological work was carried out with the patient.

These people have no one left... Let us pray together for their souls! They were kind and decent people. God rest their souls.

We urge all of you to take care of those who spend their last days of life in a horrible poverty! As even a tiny help, from the first glance, could save their life!

If you have a financial possibility to help the seriously ill lonely old people, you can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Domestic Care) or pay directly from the Fund website

We provide all our donators with photo reports of the assistance we provide.


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