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Wizards from the beauty salon "Podium"

year ago
Friends can not, will not share with you one very kind and truly wonderful news. After all, miracles are not only a chain of mysterious events, with which an unknown force paints our gray routine. Miracles are also man-made. And, perhaps, they remain in our memory and change our lives!
One of such miracles, created by the hands of the stylists of the beauty salon "Podium", pupils of the orphanage, which takes care of our foundation, will be remembered for many years.
Highly professional masters of the salon "Podium" from the heart worked with the children. They fulfilled all their desires, turning girls into real princesses, and boys into true gentlemen! It brought such sincere joy that our pupils, especially the girls, were in the seventh heaven with happiness!
"I became a princess," "How long have I dreamed of this", "What are all beautiful", "I love you very much" ... the children could not hide their enthusiastic emotions that encouraged and inspired stylists to the "miracle"!
After the "miracle" was created, our princesses and princes looked at themselves for a long time in the mirror and shone with radiant smiles. Two of them decided to master this profession and become stylists, and the master Nick promised them to help in this!
Friends, we admire you, and sincerely thank you. After all, for these kids, you yourself without knowing it created magic! I hope for them it will be of great importance for the choice of profession and for later life!


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