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Spring came!

year ago
Spring has always been a symbol of birth and renewal. During this period, everything alive awakens, and everything we are accustomed to acquires a new color. Warm sun rays, bird songs in the early morning, the rustle of young grass and the multicolored garden - all this is associated with the spring! ..
We are happy that we have a unique chance to instill in our children's homes the love of nature. Teenagers, who have been through hard times in their early childhood, have found our care, peace and the opportunity to learn new skills.
How did our children meet the spring? We launched a new "Spring Project".
Learn the basic knowledge of gardening, learn to use various tools of labor, dig and plant, cut and transplant ... that is the goal of our project, in which our beneficiary, Lev Kuchyukan, joined with great enthusiasm. Fortunately, our orphanage has a beautiful garden full of fruit and ornamental plants, bushes and green lawns ...
Mr. Lev has a lot of experience in landscape art, he participated in the landscaping of many monastic complexes, he is an honorary restorer of UNESCO, and until a serious injury he took part in the restoration of many churches in Italy. It's a real miracle that he expressed his readiness, to teach our children for free!
Work has gone! Cleaning plants, pruning old branches, cleaning the courtyard and garden, prep works ... and the most interesting is the planting of new bushes, flowers and trees.
Our children work so hard, so eagerly to learn the horticultural skills, so enjoy from the communication with nature, that the soul, simply, rejoices and sings in the spring!
Thank you Lord for this joy!
Let life bring happiness to people, but spring always reigns in the soul!


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