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Happy birthday,

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Friends, from the heart on behalf of our foundation, we congratulate on the birthday of our beneficiaries born in April - in this beautiful month full of spring flowers, the sun and the long-awaited warmth!
you, like no one else, need the care and help of each of us and we promise that we will take care of you and help you than we can!
   We wish you long years of life, health, peace and prosperity, God grant that the life of each of you has changed for the better! We love you, dear ones!
Happy Birthday!
1.Varamashvili Liana 1 April, 68 years old
   Liana Varamashvili was 68 years old on April 1st, she worked as a surgeon for many years, helped people to get back on their feet ... Tragedy overtook her completely suddenly ... Liana's daughter got into a car accident, and then was bedridden. Mom devoted all her time to her, quit her job and began to look after her daughter ...
     The family has lost an apartment and is now renting a tiny room ... Liana herself suffers from hypertension, ischemic heart disease. She has a progressive loss of vision, which makes her difficult to move about and she is afraid that her daughter will be left alone ... The monthly income of the family is 400 lari, they really need ...
2.Argvliani Nodari2 April 59
   Nodar Arghvliani On April 2, 59 years old, while there were forces, the man worked on a construction site, tried to provide for the family. He has a large father, four children in the family! 15 years ago, a tragedy occurred: a man fell from a tree and damaged his spine, the family lost in the face of his only hope for existence ...
   Because of his father's illness, children had to work from an early age, although they did not always manage to get a job. Nodari is depressed, very worried that he is not competent and can not help the family. He needs food, medicine, diapers. With the help of the Foundation, an anti-bedsore mattress was received.
3. Meskhishvili Lyudmila 19 April 93
   Lyudmila Meshishvili celebrated her 93rd birthday on April 19! She is lonely, but it was not always ... At 36, a woman lost her only daughter. Lyudmila, despite her considerable age, tries to live an active life, she is engaged in physical therapy, she needs it very much, she visits the state. canteen, but trying not to lose prirodnogo optimism - she is a real example of a strong woman spirit!
4.Sordia Dodo21 April 63
   Dodo Sordia was 63 years old on the 21st of April, a woman worked in a restaurant, a cook, she now lives in a social house with her husband, her family does not have .... The patient is bedridden, completely dependent on outside help, cares for her husband. From the first marriage she has 3 children who do not communicate with her and do not help.
  He suffers from diabetes mellitus. Because of angio and retinopathy, the unhappy lost sight, the left leg was amputated. The family is in desperate need ... The husband and wife eat in the state. dining room and they really need the necessary medicines.
5. Djokhadze Bezhan April 22 82
   Bezhan Dzhokhadze was 82 years old on April 22, already about 8 years old the man is bedridden, his wife, Clara, is also under our guardianship and because of heart failure ...
   She is not able to fully attend to her husband, although they love each other madly ... They are very help and neighbors, for which they are very thankful! Bezhan needs medicine for proper treatment, diapers, bedding, hygiene products, food ...
6.Avaliani Vasasi 26 April 102
    Vasashi Avaliani On April 26, 102 years will be celebrated! She is one of the oldest of our wards! The woman lived a hard life, she is a refugee from Ochamchire, worked for many years at a tea factory ... Vasashi is bedridden, lives in a hostel, she is nursed by her niece, who died 18 years ago from a serious illness one year ago. Vasashi suffered this loss very hard.
  She was attached to a sick girl while she could walk around the apartment, tried to help her niece take care of her daughter. With their neighbors, they have very warm relations, they feel sorry for this family and try to help them as much as possible. The family needs it very much.
7. The tale of Mary 8 April.78
   Mary Chkonia on April 8 turned 78 years old! She lives in difficult conditions with her daughter and granddaughter ...
   The daughter is a disabled person of the first group, the granddaughter is a student, all are unemployed in the family - they really need support!
   Mary herself suffered a fracture of the left femur, after which she was bedridden and completely dependent on outside help. These people really need food and medicine ...
8.Zgaparadze Maria14 April. 85
   On April 14, Maria Zgaparadze will be 85 years old. A woman lives in a dilapidated house with her daughter, who can not go to work because of her mother's illness, because a woman needs her help ... The old woman suffered an ischemic stroke, fed with a nasogasiral probe. Periodically, it is necessary to change her bladder catheter.
   There is often a complication in the form of pneumonia. But to conduct adequate treatment for them


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