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You are our friends!

year ago
As we have already told, pupils of our small family-type homes spend their summer holidays on the Black Sea coast. For children we have prepared a rich health-improving program, which amuses and pleases them. Among the many bright and memorable events, I would like to highlight the trip of our students to the village of Ureki, where they had a meeting with children with disabilities who came to rest from Kutaisi.
Children with disabilities are children who need to organize special conditions for life, upbringing and education, these are children who require special attention.
We are trying to make our students from an early age accustomed to attentive attitude to this category of people and knew the specific features of communication with them.
It should be noted that the meeting was very touching. Our pupils became interested in their health, talked for a long time and tried to support them morally.
It is very important that people with disabilities do not feel themselves outcasts of society, but on the contrary, full-fledged citizens. Therefore, in educational institutions of children it is necessary to develop the children's communication skills with them, which in particular we do in our small family-type homes.


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