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"Lives of thousands of people are on your conscience"

year ago

     It is no secret that cases when payment of state benefits to socially vulnerable citizens is suspended have become more frequent recently. From the experience of our Fund we can tell that many citizens of this category have to seek justice for months, knocking on the doors of local offices of the Social Service Agency, where they face only negligence and indifference. 

    Last September we raised this problem, but, as the saying goes, it is stuck in the first gear! 

    Unfairly suspending monetary assistance, which is scanty by itself, the Social Service Agency "finishes" these poor people, dooms them to a hungry existence, bringing a sad end to their lives.

    Very recently our Foundation appealed to the authorities once again, in particular to the Prime Minister of the country, with a request to take the above-mentioned issue on the agenda and to demand to take urgent measures from the Ministry of Health of Georgia to stop this humiliating activity. 

      Among the beneficiaries who were victims of neglect on the part of social agents, there were many lonely pensioners, disabled people of group I, bedridden old people, and children with various terrible diseases. Very often after our intervention, monetary assistance was restored for these people, which once again confirms our concerns about the short-sightedness of the existing system of recruitment at the Social Service Agency. 

We demand that the authorities urgently restore order in this matter and bring the perpetrators to punishment. Is the callous and heartless attitude to the most vulnerable category of our fellow citizens so easy to get away with for unscrupulous officials who cynically condemn these people to starvation?

Join our charitable activity as together we can help the elderly in need.

You can deposit money to assist our beneficiaries in need to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Day Center) or pay directly from the Fund web-site https://chernovetskyifund.ge/ru/projects/196-daycenter/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=infopost

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