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Fill your children's lives with magic and miracles!

a year ago

Leonid Chernovetskyi Fund would like to thank our friends, the staff of Kamerton karaoke club for the wonderful day, they gave to our children! 

Joy, fun, laughter filled the souls of our little beneficiaries! These children were deprived of holidays and the bright colors of life.

And then, overnight, the karaoke club "Kamerton" worked a miracle for them!

There was a lot of singing, dancing, games, and of course, there were lots of delicious treats!!!

Oh my God, how our kids' eyes shone with happiness! They had never danced and sung so much! It was really a festive occasion for the kids! This is truly a great example of how easy it is to make a child happy! 

The main thing is to open your heart for kindness and never stop sowing the seeds of happiness! The Lord God sees everything and will reward it a hundredfold! 

Children choose treats to their taste

The bar staff did their best to make the children feel comfortable and cozy

The children admitted that this was the first time they had tasted such delicious food!

What could be better than the happy faces of these kids!

At the end of the festive dinner, all the children received gifts from the Chernovetskyi Fund

We will be the winners of this fest

We knew all the songs they played for us

The kids enjoyed posing for the camera and thanking everyone for making this day truly unforgettable for them!

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