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The entire school joined together to help stranger friends! image

The entire school joined together to help stranger friends!

3 months ago

The Chernovetskyi Fund celebrated International Children's Day with a grand charitable event at the Robert Schuman European School.

The Chernovetsky Fund's "Help a Stranger Friend” campaign becomes more extensive and unites an increasing number of compassionate individuals across Georgia.     On International Children's Day, 250 students from the Robert Schuman European School in Tbilisi participated in a charitable celebration.

Each of them, along with toys, shared a piece of their warmth with the young beneficiaries of the Fund, children from disadvantaged and large families living in various regions of the country.

Doing good deeds is easier than you think! It doesn't require much time or money. In every home, there are toys that children no longer play with. The Chernovetskyi Fund gratefully accepts donations and passes on all collected items to those under its care. 

A grand celebration of goodness brought together all the students of the Robert Schumann European School. Participating in charity events is a tradition at this educational institution.  Both first graders and graduates took part in the action. Of course, parents and teachers were also active. 

Some of the students brought their favorite toys.  Someone's mom and dad bought brand new ones to please unknown friends from disadvantaged families.  Boys generously shared their cars, robots, guns, and even brought scooters.  Girls selflessly gave away dolls, stuffed animals, building blocks, books, and coloring books, and there was even a surprise waiting for one of our youngest beneficiaries—a children's stroller. 

 At the end of the event, there was an awards ceremony for the young philanthropists. Each participant received a certificate of appreciation for their generosity and good heart!  The children were happy and applauded each other so enthusiastically that their hands were sore.  The students got positive vibes and were in a great holiday mood.

The Chernovetskyi Fund expresses gratitude to the team of the Robert Schuman European School and personally to its director, Khatuna Kereselidze, for their charitable assistance and active collaboration.  We hope for further cooperation, may these charitable celebrations become our shared tradition of kindness! 

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