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Help an unknown friend - the great deed of little philanthropists! image

Help an unknown friend - the great deed of little philanthropists!

a month ago

Help an unknown friend - the great deed of little philanthropists!

Even with small acts of kindness, we can change the world. The young benefactors from the network of kindergartens 'Nutsa' and 'After School' have gathered their favorite toys and clothes. You probably guessed it - they've done all of this to help their unknown friends - the children from disadvantaged families, some of whom are orphans. Since they enjoy the warmth and care from their peers the most.

“Help an unknown friend” - pupils of “Nutsa” and “After school” kindergarten network

“Hello, unknown friend. I hope you like my toys - pupil of the kindergarten “Nutsa”.

“I brought this dress to a girl my age. I hope she will like it. Her joy will make me happy.”

 - Nini, you brought such a beautiful dress for another child, weren't you even a little sorry to part with it?

Nini: No, not at all. I wasn't sorry at all because I want another child to be as happy with this dress as I was wearing it. And the parents of these children don't have money to buy them nice dresses. And not only today, but also another time, I will give my dresses to unknown friends. I hope that someday we will meet and become real friends.

'Kindness has no age' - director of the kindergarten network 'Nutsa'

Nonna Edisherashvili (director of the kindergarten network 'Nutsa'): Kindness has no age. It's from such a young age that we should explain to children the essence of kindness. A child can be kind internally, but it's important to teach them how to express that kindness properly so it doesn't hurt the self-esteem of others - that's what we should teach them from childhood. As the director of the kindergarten, I feel a sense of pride when I recall the happy faces of these little ones, bringing their favorite toys and clothes from home to share with their unknown friends. Over the course of a week, the children gathered items, and their excitement knew no bounds. Kindness is contagious! I believe that more and more kindergartens and schools will join the 'help an unknown friend' initiative.

A little benefactor from the kindergarten “Nutsa”

“Our unknown friends, we give you these toys from the bottom of our hearts”

By the end of the event, the Chernovetskyi Fund awarded the teachers of the “Nutsa” kindergarten network, as well as the “After School” and the little benefactors with a certificate of appreciation for their sincere and generous help to peers.

Certificate of Gratitude - for sincere and generous help to peers.

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