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Bed Sheets and Linen from Sheraton for Bedridden Old People

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year ago

Representation of the international hotel chain “Sheraton” in Georgia –“Sheraton Metechi Palace” – gratuitously provided to the Charity Fund Social Partnership bed-sheets and linen for further distribution to elderly people, which are under the Funds care.

Free Community Help for sick and old people is one of the directions of the business of the Charity Fund Social Partnership. Each and every day, without holidays and rest days, nurses and social workers come to the homes of 300 bedridden old people, to present them with must-have medical assistance, bring food and medications, to talk to them and to support them.   

“We believe that we can make a change in people’s lives for the better and give them hope! Socially responsible business – is a contemporary trend of society’s further development in the world and we sincerely appreciate that international chain of hotels “Sheraton” for their support and aid for needy people here in Georgia.  For our Fund it is very important that other organizations show their support for our programs.  I am turning with plea to all other companies, and all people who are not indifferent to help the fund with all possible means. Together we make lives of poverty stricken people bearable! – says the Fund Social Partnership President Giorgi Kvrivishvili.  

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