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Another lot of medications for rescue of wounded soldiers

year ago
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Dozens of operations, hundreds of heavily wounded defenders of the homeland fighting against death, hundreds of women standing at the windows of the hospital waiting for survival of their husbands and sons. This is daily reality in Mechnikov Dnepropetrovsk Hospital.

Our Fund continues to provide wounded Ukrainian soldiers with necessary medicines. With the help of charity and friends: “charity center of Ukraine”, “Buy with discount” it was possible to donate necessary medicines “Octaplex” and “Tachocomb” costing 120 000 Hryvna to the hospital. These are medicines for quick stopping of bleeding and regeneration of tissues of internal organs.

The wounded men were always supported by volunteers and personnel of the hospital. Inspite of the peace treaty heavily wounded soldiers are brought to the intensive care unit every day. Since several days the doctors treat the wounded without necessary medicines, that is why they met the President of Social Partnership with great joy and expressed their thanks to those people who helped raise money for the medicines!

“Social Partnership” with the help of Benefactors and Partners donated medicines like “Octaplex”, “Tachocomb”, “Fraxiparin” and “Clexane” costing over 400 000 Hryvna for treatment of soldiers in Mechnikov Dnepropetrovsk Hospital.

See the accounts.

Support the project “Purchase of medicines for Ato’s wounded soldiers”.

Special thanks to you, dear benefactors, for not being indifferent and for help defenders of our homeland!

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