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From 6th of February on the basis of the Charity Fund “Social Partnership” “Rescue Service for homeless” was opened, which aims to help all people in need – to be in the right place at the right time! – to provide first aid, to feed people, to transport homeless there where they will get some help. After medical examination, the shower, the beauty salon and a dinner the homeless have smile on their faces and they wish to change their lives and fates.

There are a lot of posts for providing first aid for homeless people, but it is impossible for a person in need to find them. “Rescue Service for homeless” was established in order to gather all services in similar stations in one place to make first aid available and easier to get. In the process of creating the project the employees of the Fund learned many similar foreign projects and they gathered all positive sides in one service. This program has no other analogue in the Ukraine.

Please, note the phone number of “Rescue Service for homeless” and you will be able to always take operative measures to rescue other people, you will be socially active then. +38 (067) 911-7-911. Would you like to help? Just don’t be indifferent!

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