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Their loneliness will break your heart. Become family to them!

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January 30, 2023
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Giorgi (12-year-old): You know, Mate sometimes has a nosebleed or starts to choke. I'm so afraid of this. He cannot play ball for a long time - he says that everything hurts him. Mate (9-year-old): Yes, it hurts here (points to his stomach). And mom sometimes falls to the floor and starts to twitch.
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Their loneliness will break your heart. Become family to them!
"We don't have a TV and sometimes we fool around like I'm talking about the news"
“There are a lot of kind people in Georgia, aren’t there?” – “That's right, son! And you will certainly tell us about it in your next news!”
“I try to fix this junk when there is no news from my sick brother! I'm kidding, of course! But I really want to ride!”
Giorgi (12-year-old): You know, Mate sometimes has a nosebleed or starts to choke. I'm so afraid of this. He cannot play ball for a long time - he says that everything hurts him. 
Mate (9-year-old): Yes, it hurts here (points to his stomach). And mom sometimes falls to the floor and starts to twitch.
- Lia, what is Mate talking about?
Lia: I have epilepsy. My mother died in childbirth - she had a difficult pregnancy. Maybe because of this, maybe because of something else, I don’t know, I started having attacks at the age of 5. They were very strong and repeated often. I was treated. I am taking medications now. If I won’t be able to take them, or I worry too much, the attacks and convulsions may come back. I don't want to scare my kids. They are very afraid. That's why I try not to worry. Poor children. If I die, they will have no one at all. 
Lia's husband died when she was pregnant with her second child. He died of drink. It was hard to live with him, but it was not easy to live without him either. Her only relative said: "Get rid of the child, you won’t be able to bring up two children." - the brother said to his widowed sister. Probably there is no need to specify how many experiences and tears there were. Because of a nervous breakdown, Lia had a difficult pregnancy and Mate was born with a heart defect. When it was necessary to take the baby to the doctor, and Lia asked her brother for money for the transportation, he said: “I told you to have an abortion, now do whatever you want with your sick child!” After that Lia forgot that she had a relative and hoped only for God and complete strangers. 
- Lia, it should hurt a lot to be stabbed in the back by a close person, especially when you are in such situation.
Lia: I don't even remember it anymore. I forgave him but forgot about him forever. As if he didn't exist. Besides the heart disease, Mate has a bunch of other diseases. He often has a high blood pressure. He has diabetes and asthma. All the diseases of the world befell him. They operated on him 3 tomes, 2 more surgeries are left. May God preserve us, everything will be fine. Giorgi has nearsightedness of 7.00 degrees, he needs glasses. He can be operated on only after he turns 18 years old. We all need medications, more than food. I don't know how we manage to buy medications and not to starve to death.
“Mate can’t run and jump, and we don’t have a TV or a tablet, so we have fun as we can”
In the whole world there is no one close and dear to these three unfortunates
- How do you live, how do you manage to survive?
Lia: The allowance and pension are barely enough for food, I recently started working as a cleaning lady in a gymnasium. They supported me a lot. They saw in what poverty we live and offered a job to me. Of course, I gladly agreed - to have enough money for medications for my son. We have money for pasta and flour, my children will not go starving, but they don’t know what meat or cheese is. Well… I can't even warm my house in winter. We sit together, wrap ourselves up, and sleep together - we warm ourselves. What else to do? 
- Does anyone help you?
Lia: I have no parents, my husband was an orphan too. He has one sister - she sometimes helps us. And no one helps us from my side. But it doesn't matter, because you have appeared and soon the whole of Georgia will know about us. I know that after your Fund appears, life ceases to be the same. I have been following your page for a very long time and therefore decided to contact you. 
Giorgi: And I saw you gave a bicycle to some boy, and a tablet to his brother. Is it true? 
- Yes, it’s true. What you dream of?
Giorgi: since my mother has no money, my brother and I do not dream of anything. But since you asked, I’ll tell you, if my mom doesn’t worry. Like every boy, I dream of a bike and a tablet. We brought one from the junkyard, but I can't fix it. I glue it here, attach it here, tighten it with ropes - but it doesn’t work. I ride two meters and it falls apart. 
Mate: I can’t ride. I get tired immediately and everything hurts me. They don’t even let me play football. That’s why my only dream is a tablet. There you can run and jump, and even if your character is killed, he revives again. There are such cars, they drive themselves when you press the buttons. 
Giorgi: I want to go to dances and sports, but in our village, there are no such circles, you need to go to the city, but we don’t have money for this. And I love sports and dancing so much. 
Mate: And I love drawing. Look what cool things we make at school.
“I drew this - how I clean up the litter if someone leaves it in the forest”
- Who loves to study more?
Giorgi: Me, of course. But to be honest, I like to go to school most of all because of one girl. I think I love her. She's the most beautiful, the smartest, and lets me cheat. She is the best. If I had money, I would bring her chocolates every day. 
“My brother and I wanted to save money and buy a washing machine for our mother. But good people gave it to us.”
- Well, you're a gentleman! What else would you do if you had money?
Giorgi: I wanted to save money and buy my mother a washing machine, but a very kind priest Father Boris saw how we live and gave her a washing machine! God, how many good people there are on earth! Are you like that too? 
- Yes, you are right, there are a lot of kind people in the world, and especially in Georgia. Lia, tell us about your main problems, about how we can help you.
Lia: we have no beds and blankets, no mattresses and pillows. My children have no shoes. I don’t men new shoes - they have no shoes at all. Giorgi walks in slippers and Mate's shoes have the soles off. We also need a fridge. If you bring some meat stuff to the children, they will be happy. 
The only bed they have. They sleep on it on turns
* * *
Here are another children of God, here is another family with sores, a sick boy who will not be able to say “thank you” to us and will not even understand that we have helped him. Helping such children, we open our hearts to God! Because we don’t do good for thanks but only for saving our souls.
Mate, Giorgi, and their mother Lia are waiting for our help, they simply won’t be able to survive without us. This family alone cannot cope, and they have no relatives but us! You are their only hope! We should save this family! Look how good they are! 
Beds, bedding, shoes, refrigerator, and food will make their lives easier.
 And kids need bikes and tablets. Can we help them?  Sure, we can!
If anyone is willing to visit and help them in person, here is their address: Gori District, Skra village. 
Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! 
We are sure that all together we will manage to save them from imminent death. 
Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!
Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:
Our Fund’s accounts are:
(Purpose: The Chkhikvadze family).
You can also transfer money from our website: «TБC Bank» (GeoPay), «Bank of Georgia» (e-commerce), «Liberty Bank» (PayGe), PayPal.
It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (you can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link
We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!
We have good news: now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on 
Even if you dial once this special number 0901200270 it might save someone's life! God bless you! 

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