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Manana will live! We will help her in this!

With each passing day, Manana is getting worse and worse. Her body is already so weak, that it takes care and attention around the clock.
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Nothing hurts the heart of parents so much as the illness of their own child. At this moment, it covers incredible heartache, and the realization that you can not help anything, just kills! However, giving up would be a wrong step. We must always fight with all our strength for the life of a beloved child!
15-year-old Manana Gvindzhilya suffers from liver disease. 7 years ago, she suddenly became ill, fainted and fell to the ground. When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors pondered the disease for a long time, but could not decide. Only in a few years it became possible to give the child an accurate diagnosis and to prescribe a course of expensive treatment.
The family Gvindzhilia without hesitation made a decision to sell the house and to pay the proceeds to the treatment of the girl. A mother with two young children moved to live in a remote village, where they found shelter in the old, dilapidated, collapsed wooden house of great-grandfather. My father took Manana in Tbilisi, where the doctors began to treat her.
"I'm ready to give my life for my girl, but now I really need her. I pray the Lord that my Manana should stand up, "says her father, Iago, who lives with a sick daughter in a rented apartment.
With each passing day, Manana is getting worse and worse. Her body is already so weak, that it takes care and attention around the clock. Therefore, the father can not leave the girl and get a job. If God will give and some money will appear, then everything goes to medicines and special food sick, and Iago himself often starves.
Manana's mother rarely visits her, because she can not leave her children alone, besides she does not have money for transportation. Here in such a nightmarish situation is the Chagunava family, who is crying for help!
Recently, Manana has become very ill. She had an emergency operation. With God's help, she survived, but her family does not have the means to buy new expensive medications to maintain health, which is tantamount to ruin!
Friends, let's go into the position of these unfortunate people and provide rescue assistance to Manana Chagunava. If you have a desire to help this child, then you can transfer the funds to the account of our Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Assignment: Manana Gvindzhili).
You can also transfer money directly through the website of our Fund
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