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"Lord, do not leave us!"

Georgy Vardiashvili is 38 years old. 18 of them, he is in a state that you cannot call other than “life on the other side”.
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     What is this young guy thinking when he looks at us? What feelings fill his heart? After all, he, just like us, wants to take a walk in the park, turn gray in a cafe, meet friends or just go to the store ...
     Georgy Vardiashvili is 38 years old. 18 of them, he is in a state that you cannot call other than “life on the other side”. Disability George led an accident - he got into a terrible car accident. When his lifeless body was taken to the hospital, there was not a single whole place on the young man; he was covered in fractures and, naturally, with heavy bleeding. For 6 months the guy was in a coma, the doctors gave a disappointing forecast, they “prepared” the mother for the worst result, but miracles happen! Half a year later, Georgy opened his eyes, moved his fingers, he was disconnected from the artificial feeding apparatus, the indices of vital organs improved and the young man was discharged from the hospital.
     “The Lord heard my prayers and had compassion. He did not rob me of the dearest person and for the second time gave me his life. The Lord is my fortress, ”Nana Vardiashvili, George’s mother, told us about the problems and the many needs of the sick guy.
      -Tell me, what is the state of Georgia today?
    Nana Vardiashvili: he has a serious brain injury, suffers from epilepsy, and seizures often occur. For many years I was bedridden, but then with my help I learned to sit down and even move slowly from bed to chair. He cannot talk and eat on his own, meet needs, stare at one point and practically does not react to anything.
     -How do you manage to cope with the care of such a heavy patient?
     Nana Vardiashvili: yes, I am completely alone, but I am doing everything possible for my son to live; you have to somehow dodge ... well, hold on for now. The husband has long abandoned the family, and the second son died. To pay for surgery and rehabilitation, I sold an apartment, a car, valuables, even a library. George had a lot of books, he studied in the second year of law at the University.
     - Once your own home was sold, then you live in a rented apartment?
     Nana Vardiashvili: yes, it is. This apartment on the outskirts of Tbilisi is paid by the mayor’s office. We are a socially unprotected family! Conditions here are more or less normal. Thank God for not spending the night on the street!
    - What do you live on?
    Nana Vardiashvili: disability pension in the amount of 200 lari and social benefit -120 lari. The money mainly goes to medicines and diapers. It is so expensive! But you still have to pay for utilities, buy food ... The guy constantly needs rehabilitation treatment, but there are no funds for that. I even decided once to sell my kidney in order to somehow “earn” money for my son. But I was dissuaded. They said that after such an operation I could not physically take care of a sick person.
     -Who helps you, did you ask the local authorities for help?
     Nana Vardiashvili: The Ministry of Health gives the amount for medicines three times a year, although it is insignificant .... A few years ago, good people financed George’s vacation on magnetic sands at the Ureki Black Sea resort ... Some relatives help, but all this help is of a one-time use only, there is no constant help. My soul hurts, my heart cries, but I don’t despair. This is not a way out, as it is necessary to continue the struggle for the life of George!
    -And to the deputy in your constituency did not seek help?
    Nana Vardiashvili: our deputy in the Parliament of Bac Odisharia. During the election campaign, he promised the golden mountains. Then I thought: “Well, this man will definitely put my George on his feet,” but it was not there. It was a delusion.
     -Nana, it is very important to vote for a candidate who knows the needs and problems of people. And there is a hope that if he is elected, he will do a useful job for the voters, and not sit in the office with folded arms. Therefore, all voters are given the chance to make the right choice. The choice in favor of decency, professionalism and philanthropy! After all, electing a person to such an important post, we hope that by becoming a deputy, he will contribute to solving the problems of the population.
     Nana Vardiashvili: can I interrupt you? Once again I want to express my deep gratitude to your Foundation. 3 years ago you provided considerable help to my son. Then I was in despair, I didn’t know what to do. And God sent you to me! Expensive medicines, hygiene items, food, household utensils ... - all this brought us and (approx. Crying) ... gave us hope. Thanks to all the people who gave us a helping hand. In addition, my son is registered with the Home Care program of your foundation. You have a very attentive and caring medical staff who constantly monitors the health of George. This is a huge help for me! God bless your founder 
his Foundation, which takes care of such unfortunate people like us!
   - All your dreams are connected with your son, this is natural and understandable ...
   Nana Vardiashvili: I do not dream of anything in the world, except for the health of my son. All my aspirations are directed only at him. How else? I'm a mother! But each time it is getting harder when material chains do not give an opportunity to provide him with decent care. But I believe that God will not leave us and good people will not leave without support!
      Friends, as you can see, the situation in this family is very complicated. George needs medicines, hygiene supplies, food. Give him a helping hand and give hope for the future! Our account
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A kind person gives time, money, care, love, attention. And in fact, he enriches himself, because the more a person gives himself, the more he receives, first of all - from God!

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