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"Soul hurts from despair"

Born with a disease of the nervous system, Sofia from early childhood was given the status of a disabled person in group I
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         For the past 36 years, Sophia Quirtia lives "not in this world." No one knows how she perceives people, what she feels and what she complains about. Born with a disease of the nervous system, Sofia from early childhood was given the status of a disabled person in group I, and her life as she grew older, began to turn into an indefinite existence.
       While her father was alive, her parents somehow managed to look after the sick girl. However, after the death of the head of the family, Manana, the mother of Sophia, was left alone with her sick daughter, whose unpredictable behavior could turn into a great tragedy at any time.
        Sofia for a second can not be left alone. She can burn the house or hurt herself, throw herself under the car or beat her head against the wall. Behind her you need an eye and an eye! It happens that at night she suddenly jumps out of bed and breaks out, and very often groans in pain, but she is not able to express aloud what exactly is bothering her.
      Mother and daughter are extremely poor. Their home was dilapidated, and the furniture - unusable. An old refrigerator is almost always empty, for the pension and social benefits are spent on medicines, without which Sophia cannot survive. What about medications for her mother, Manana, who suffers from varicose veins? No way! Mother can not afford such a "luxury", and in the meantime she began to limp, and her left leg was already all black.
      We talked with Manana and asked to share with our problems and experiences:
    - How do you alone deal with taking care of a sick daughter?
     Manana: with God's help! When my husband was alive, we somehow distributed the responsibilities of caring for our daughter. However, after his death, the whole burden fell on me. My God, I am not complaining, until the end of my days I will take care of my girl, but we are now in such a deplorable state that I am afraid of tomorrow.
    -What do you have in mind?
Manana: Sophia can not talk, is not able to explain her anxiety, is constantly torn, trying to break out into the street. I watch all day long, no matter how she hurts herself, and at night - a guard. But my health is deteriorating every day. I have varicose veins, one leg is all black, it is very difficult to walk, but there is no money for medicines. I am covered with fear - if I cannot move, then consider that my daughter will die. She can not eat, dress, walk in need, drink medicine ...
       - Does anyone help you?
      Manana: there is one poor in our village, but good people are there, and they try to help us as far as possible, they will bring food, then water ...
     - What about water?
    Manana: in our village it is very difficult with water. Our wells dry in summer. There is no tap water. The villagers are very tormented. People go to the district center for water. I ask the neighbors, and they bring me a couple of bottles of drinking water, and I wash them with rain water ...
     - Why didn’t you turn to a member of your district about this? Very often, our beneficiaries do not even think to contact their “chosen one”. In order to do this, we elect them to solve various acute problems of society, including social issues. It is their duty and duty! But from our experience we can say that very few people “bother” the deputies and this is a fundamentally wrong approach! Be sure to report your problem to the deputy of your district, and if he refuses, we will write about it on our page, because more than half a million people read us!
      Manana: I ask you to contact a deputy on my behalf. Thank you so much for visiting us and deciding to announce a charity event.
       -And do local authorities help?
      Manana: the city hall gives money for medicines twice a year, the amount is insignificant, but nevertheless important for us. When a daughter has a seizure, we call a village doctor. This is a free service. In addition, the municipality annually allocates 150 lari for firewood.
      What is your income?
      Manana: social benefit 100 GEL and daughter's pension 200 GEL. Half of this amount goes to diapers, because, as I said, we don’t have water to use diapers. About 100 GEL remains for food, which is enough for bread, beans and watery soup.
     - Manana, I know you are a believer? What are you asking the Lord for?
     Manana: I'm 57 years old. All my life I have been praying to the Lord. I ask him to give me the strength to overcome physical and mental pain. I pray for my daughter, for all the good people who give me a helping hand. From this day on, I will pray for your Foundation, which responds to the needs of unhappy people.
- What are you dreaming?
       Manana: Cerebral palsy, which my daughter suffers, is an incurable disease and cannot be cured. Soul hurts from hopelessness. Therefore, I no longer dream of Sophia's recovery. I only dream of the Lord giving me the strength to care for her as long as possible. You know, when Sophia falls asleep at night and silence prevails in the room, I light a candle, I will stake
on the front of the icon and pray that God will have mercy on all the children in the world who are ill, suffer and suffer ...
Friends, let's get into the position of these people! Give them mercy, help, what you can, turn their existence into life! They have no financial means to heal, and the neglected form of cerebral palsy can lead to the death of a sick person. You have a chance to influence the fate of Sophia and her mother. Do not delay for later! After all, it may be too late. Now is the hour and that moment when they ask for your help!
You can visit this family in person at your place of residence, provide assistance and encouragement. We inform the address: Chkhorotskuy municipality, Kirtshi village, tel .: 568 014124.
Well, if you have a desire to help, but there is no time to come to them, here is the account of our Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Sofia Quirtia).
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Every merciful deed is a rung of stairs leading to Heaven!