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Life in Hell!

An unknown disease kills a young woman day after day, and the worst thing about all this is to watch the little kids.
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"Our heart is our mother, and if she dies, then we too will die." So say the kids, 7-year-old David, and 6-year-old Giorgi, who over the past couple of years have heard that mother is sick, and very often they have to witness firsthand how their mommy collapses and falls ... and they don’t even know if she is alive or not. !
The situation is catastrophic and every day it gets worse and worse. An unknown disease kills a young woman day after day, and the worst thing about all this is to watch the little kids. Older boys deeply experience in the soul: when she lies unconscious, they kiss mother's hands, stroke her head ... and little Nana, who is only a year and a half old, is not fully aware of what is happening. Sometimes she even thinks mom plays with her ...
What is the punishment for them? What are they so guilty?
We talked with Nino, and believe me, a terrible story, you probably did not hear!
- Nino, tell us how you ended up in this terrible place?
Nino Bekurishvili: Married early, or rather did not "come out", I was kidnapped at the age of 17. I had to stay - my parents insisted! Then a hard life began in a new family. Born children. She herself was still a child, but she tried to be a good mother for her boys ... the family “idyll” did not last long. In one day, me and two kids were just kicked out of the house!
In 20 years, Nino was homeless, with two children in her arms. Parents did not want to have a native daughter! Imagine that, and it happens!
For her torment, God sent her a man who loved her and accepted her children as relatives! The children called him - Dad! They settled in the village in the house of a friend, looked after his estate, had a roof over their heads, food, warmth, love ... and they lived like a fairy tale. But the idyll did not last long!
- Nino, please tell us, where is your husband now?
- During pregnancy, I started having health problems. Began to lose consciousness. Doctors could not understand why this was happening, and appointed expensive tests and medications. We had no such money. My husband earned a penny. He will work as a loader, then at a construction site ... but he would not have earned that kind of money in three years. The next day he came and said that he had borrowed money ... God, if I knew that he would do that, it would be better to die that day! ... well, you probably understood, he stole them ... they put him in ... 2 years gave Our daughter Nana was born a month later. She is already one and a half years old and she has not seen her father ... and her father is looking forward to hugging his crumbs. Without it is so hard.
- And your bouts with the birth of a child stopped?
- No, on the contrary ... I often lose consciousness ... I do not even remember how this happens. Often it is necessary by incredible efforts to contain the pain and not to show it, for the boys are so vulnerable and sensitive that they wake up at every cough and ask: “Mom, you don't die?”
 My eldest son started writing a message, learned how to call an ambulance ... poor thing, notes on the calendar when my mother is sick ... and explains to the doctors ... me every time, after the attack, she wants to take the ambulance to the hospital for an examination, but with whom should I leave the children? Because I refuse ... because I don’t know what is dying so slowly ... even these conditions, in winter the walls are covered with ice from the inside, it rains during the rain, like on the street ... we live in Hell branch!
Yes, I even wonder how I am alive at all, how my children are alive, how we exist at all! Who we hurt so who cursed us so. I have not seen a single happy day! Only years have been lived with her husband, and hope to see him soon will give strength to live.
Nino is an optimist by nature, does not lose hope that God will not leave her. The only thing about which she asks the Lord is to prolong her life at least a little, in order to put the children on their feet in order to look at their faces for as long as possible.
Yes, Nino still has a chance! But, this is if we, friends, help her with joint efforts.
They need food, medicine, children's clothing, household appliances.
      You can visit the Bekurishvili family and personally assist them of any kind. Here is the address: Tbilisi, Vazisubani district, st. Sandor Petofi №17, tel .: 557 71 30 70.
     You can also help them financially and transfer money to the account of our Fund. We will surely report in the next post about each tetri spent for the good of these people! Here is our account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Nino Bekurishvili).
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     You, and only you, can save this young woman and save three children from orphanhood!