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Father and daughter are a step away from imminent death!

In the Guchashvili family, two sick people - 83-year-old dad George and his daughter - 37-year-old Larisa.
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High, high in the mountains of Tianeti is the village of Bochorma. They live well there ... Wild animals ... And people are poor. And, especially, in the Guchashvili family! They are dying from terrifying poverty! In the mountains there’s nowhere to beg! Is that with animals. But we are people! And their compatriots! Let us be merciful, friends. Let's not let real Georgians die! Indeed, it is Georgian villages that are the cradle of our culture.
In the Guchashvili family, two sick people - 83-year-old dad George and his daughter - 37-year-old Larisa. Their health condition is absolutely deplorable: the father suffered a stroke, sees very poorly, barely moves, suffers from frequent shortness of breath, but his daughter, simply, dies before our eyes. She has been suffering from diabetes since childhood. This insidious disease for several years was extremely complicated and took a catastrophic form. Larisa lost her teeth, cannot walk, the liver has increased, and the kidneys are damaged.
The 45-year-old Mtvarisa, who takes care of sick family members all her conscious life, takes care of her sister and elderly father. 8 years ago, her mother died, who was bedridden and died, literally, in the arms of her daughter. It is not surprising that Mtvarisa is in deep despair, as dad and sister have completely lost recently, and she has practically no strength left. However, while she is honorably fulfilling her duty as a daughter and sister, although without the help of the public, she is unlikely to last so long.
We talked with her and asked to share our problems and experiences:
          -Let's start with Larisa. How long has she had diabetes?
         Mtvarisa Guchashvili: In all likelihood, the girl was born with this disease, but she appeared ten years later. I remember that in the morning my sister had to go to school, but she could not get out of bed, her legs were taken away, and her face was swollen. A doctor was called who diagnosed an increased blood sugar. My sister was in fifth grade then. She was able to finish her studies for another six months and that's all, she didn’t go to school anymore for health reasons.
         -And she was not treated?
        Mtvarisa Guchashvili: We were treated, but in our village there are no such opportunities to defeat this insidious disease. But the hungry 90s disastrously affected her health; not that there was no diabetic food; generally there was no food; they were simply starving.
       -And what is her condition today?
        Mtvarisa Guchashvili: She is actually bedridden, her liver hurts, her kidneys are sore, her teeth have fallen out, her tongue is terribly braided, she is dying before our eyes. So, half an hour before your arrival, she decided to sit down on the bed and meet you in a sedentary form, but suddenly she felt dizzy and fell to the floor. And I must, my head hit the iron leg of the damned bed; it’s good that it didn’t fail in the hole, because our floor was completely rotten, and it was already dangerous to walk ...
        - Here I see another hole in the left corner ...
       Mtvarisa Guchashvili: This is one of our troubles. A couple of months ago, I fed my sister a spoon, because my right hand was swollen and could not hold a spoon. Suddenly I hear from another room, how my father gasps, ran to his aid, and at that time slipped and fell with one foot into the hole. My God, it was painful, but it was even more painful to see the scared faces of my sister and dad ...
       -And what is the condition of the father?
       Mtvarisa Guchashvili: After a stroke, in fact, cannot walk, sees very poorly, constantly clings to his heart. He worked for 37 years at a local livestock farm; he built this house in 1967, but for 30 years repair has not been done here.
       -Who helps you? How do you survive in such harsh conditions?
       Mtvarisa Guchashvili: Yes, the conditions are terrible: the ceiling is leaking, the windows are glued with plastic bags, it is very cold in winter, actually freezing. There is a wood stove, but we rarely use it, I save it; So what to do? There is not enough money to buy firewood, and now I am content with brushwood ...
       - Your mother was also sick for a long time, right?
       Mtvarisa Guchashvili: For the last 10 years of her life, she was bedridden. In fact, all my life I have been caring for my household, otherwise I can’t. This is my blood and flesh and I will go to hell if I do not take care of my relatives. Recently I went to Tbilisi for insulin and when I returned, I saw such a picture - dad was sitting near his sister's bed and stroking her head. It turns out that Larisa had an attack, and dad came to the rescue. He held on to a sore heart with one hand, and stroked my poor sister with the other.
      -Are you a devout woman?
      Mtvarisa Guchashvili: Yes, of course. You see the cross-crucifix, I hung it over my sister’s bed. Every time she gets sick, I pray. Every time my father faints, I pray. I always pray to the Lord, and your appearance to help us is also God's will!
     -And what are the urgent needs of your family, in particular Larisa?
     Mtvarisa Guchashvili: Pension and meager social benefits go to medicines for my sister and father. Free only give out insulin. I have to go to him in Tbilisi, but this is for me n
aclad. In addition, Larisa needs to have blood transfusions twice a year, to buy glucometers for measuring sugar levels and a whole bunch of all kinds of medicines.
    -What are you dreaming about?
     Mtvarisa Guchashvili: I dreamed of my own family, husband and children, but apparently the Lord so decided that I should look after the sick family members. You know, I thank the Lord for everything! Each person in life is given his own path and needs to live it with honor, observing the commandments. Otherwise, the road to hell is secured.
     -And you can ask a couple of questions to Larisa, can she talk now?
    Mtvarisa Guchashvili: Let’s, I’ll give her medicine now so that her mouth doesn’t dry and after that she will be able to talk a little ...
   -Larisa, whom do you love most in the world?
       Larisa Guchashvili: Most of all, I love God! The Lord protects me through my sister, whom I also love very much. I ask your readers for help. Friends, help me extend my life!
      -And what do you dream of?
      Larisa Guchashvili: About an hour's walk from here is an old tenth-century church named after St. George. It is necessary to rise very high, cars cannot go there. So, my dream is to climb this mountain, touch the walls of the church, light a candle and pray to the Lord, pray not only for my recovery, but also for the health of all sick people!
      Friends, we hope that you take to heart the pain of this young beautiful woman who is dying in front of her eyes. Now for her, and also for her family as a whole, your support is of great moral importance. Let's try to fulfill Larisa’s dream together - to climb the mountain and in the old church light a candle for God. Well, for her part, she will pray for you, for your health and well-being.
       Call Mtvarisa and Larisa, learn from their mouths about pressing needs, cheer up these young women! You can also personally provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And be sure to repost our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
Here is the address: Tianeti Municipality, Bochorma Village, tel: 591 974686.
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