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Father and daughter on the verge of imminent death!

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September 3, 2019
In the Guchashvili family, two sick people - 83-year-old dad George and his daughter - 37-year-old Larisa.
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Georgians are the kindest people on the Earth!

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High, high in the mountains, in the Tianeti region, there is a village called Bochorma. Only wild animals live good there, but people live in misery. And in the Guchashvili family, three poor people are literally dying of terrible poverty! They don't even have anyone to ask for alms, except, perhaps, the animals in the forest. 

When we told you the story of this family, we had no doubt that certain people would respond the call for help! Real Georgians, those who understand that it is the Georgian villages that are the cradle of our culture.


There are two sick people in the Guchashvili family - 83-year-old father Giorgi and his daughter, 37-year-old Larisa. Their health condition is absolutely deplorable: the father has had a stroke, he sees very badly, can barely move, he suffers from breath shortness, and his daughter is simply dying in front of his eyes. She has been suffering from diabetes since childhood. Over the years, her insidious disease became extremely complicated and took a catastrophic form. Larisa has lost her teeth, she cannot walk, her liver has enlarged, and her kidneys are damaged. 

These unfortunates used to live like primitive people. There were no home appliances at their home; they only saw their neighbors' refrigerator and washing machine. And now a miracle happened! With your help, friends! God directed you to them! And you did good not for them, but for yourself! For only this is the main thing for our Lord - when we help strangers! 

“Joy has finally come to our home too! I can't believe it... I don't know how to thank you,” - Mtvarisa, who is caring for her sick father and sister, cried with happiness. - “A refrigerator and a washing machine - I never dreamed of that, I didn't even dare to think about that! And the blender is just salvation for my poor sister, who lost all her teeth due to diabetes. And the drugs ... Oh God! They will help my unfortunate father and sister to live without pain for several months".

 - How has your life changed after our publication? 

Mtvarisa: First, you gave us hope. Secondly, we finally feel ourselves as a part of civilized world! And thirdly, after your publication, representatives of local authorities visited us and said that they would fix the roof! As if we had not simply existed before you wrote about us! In short, you have brought happiness to our home. 

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 - You can address our readers, all those people who donated money for your sister.

Mtvarisa: I would like to thank everyone who took part in this charity campaign. Thanks for what you did for me. I really appreciate your attention and responsiveness. Thank you for the pleasant emotions, for your big kind heart, which always responds to calls for help and support. Special thanks to Leonid Chernovetsky for loving Georgia so much and taking such care of us. 

 Friends, on behalf of our entire Fund, we sincerely thank you for everything you do for our beneficiaries. You teach our society to see goodness where it cannot be a priori. You give people faith when they feel frustrated and you support them when they need it most! 

 If you know about a misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: Together, we will definitely help them!

Friends, many thanks again to all! But the problems of this family do not end, they just begin. Go on helping this family! Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

 Don’t forget to repost our publications. Let your friends know about the grief of hundreds of our disadvantaged citizens! It’s extremely important!

 God bless you! 

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