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The Hungry Nativity of the Lord ...

For four long months, the social services of Tbilisi have been starving children and everyone promise to come and “check ...”. But what to check?
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Prepared "as a gift" for kids:
Efemia - 1 year, Nikola - 3 years, Lazare - 9 years, Barbara - 10 years, Anna - 12 years
For four long months, the social services of Tbilisi have been starving children and everyone promise to come and “check ...”. But what to check? Are the children still alive or not?
God, God, God, lamentable woman laments - who invents such Laws! I went to find out, they said that they should check me and it will take 4 months! That's only at the end of January they will restore the payment! At least I found out about your foundation early! Where have I been before ?! I heard so much about the Foundation’s friends! Little fool ... My children almost died of hunger! I don’t wish the enemy to survive this ... No food, no heat, and there’s nothing to pay for this junk! Not furniture, not warm blankets ... the five of us sleep on the same bed, and I'm next to him on the floor ... God help us live another month!
- Nino, tell our subscribers how you ended up in this position? What could happen to end up in such poverty and sorrow?
Nino: I was the happiest woman on Earth. A loving and hardworking husband, beautiful and beloved children. The trouble broke in one day: my husband was arrested, and my children and I were thrown out of a comfortable apartment, which he had rented for his family for many years.
   My husband is a very good and kind person, but so trusting. Someone deceived, involved in some kind of money business. I did not regret our kids! But I will always love him and wait ... And the children love and miss. I believe that the judges will figure it out ... Remember the children? And I will not begin to tell anything bad about him. I know that he is not capable of harming anyone. And how he loves children and how they love him ... !!! You would see! It was he who gave them such beautiful names (she smiled through tears).
- And how to live further?
Nino: In a year I’ll go to work myself. The eldest daughter, Anna will grow up. You have no idea how beautiful she is and my mistress!
Anna - my support and hope until my father is released! She said that she would sit with the youngest and would look after them better than me! She is so !. You can’t imagine what kind of person she is. She's just mom's joy! Looks after the kids even better than me. She is to me both as a daughter, and as a sister, and girlfriend, and mother ... she is my universe!
I was going out to earn money so that the children would not die of hunger, but Anna was missing school ... I realized that it was not fair to her! She loves to study so much, she is so smart. I could not sacrifice her to our circumstances.
         - Nino, now I will ask one very uncomfortable question, you can not answer. Why don't relatives and close ones help you?
Nino: My parents live in a village very poor, so that if I were a good daughter, I myself should have helped them. Husband's parents do not help us ... God is their judge. I do not want to talk about them badly. But I want to note that sometimes, in life there are people who are completely unfamiliar, who become closer than all relatives. Here is the fact that we are now alive and do not suffer from serious diseases, this merit of strangers! Thank God for them!
 - Probably only faith in God keeps you on earth?
Nino: Faith in God, faith in good people! Look, Efemia burned the pen, and I could not buy her a burn cream. She cried in pain, and I put my hand under my cold hand to distract her. And suddenly some girl came to me with her husband, I don’t know how she found out about me, but that’s not the main thing ... so they came, brought ointment, and products and toys for children! They said that God sent them to me! I thanked them, and they said that we must thank God!
-Can I ask some questions to the children? Feel free to tell us what you dream about?
Anna (12 years old): I want my mother’s strength not to leave. I want her to smile! I love studying and dream of becoming a teacher of Physics - this is my favorite subject. So many new and interesting things are happening in the world, but I don’t even have a computer to follow the news in the field of physics ... I’m sure that when I grow up I will do a lot of good for the whole world. Well, for mom first!
 Barbara (10 years): And you know, I know that on the New Year all dreams come true! I know that my most cherished dream will also come true. I need to “repair” my teeth (the girl whispered and looked at us with her beautiful blue eyes). And I really, really, really want sets to collect beads and bracelets. It turns out very beautifully for me. You can even then sell and buy bread for children.
 - Yes, you're just smart. What are you dreaming of, baby?
Anna (12 years old): Lazare and Nicola are very shy boys, can I speak for them? Lazar needs warm clothes and Nicola loves the “spiderman”; a toy or clothes with this hero will bring him great happiness. And little Efemia needs to eat well ... and not only to her in principle ... to all the children. And mom too.
- Nino, you know that almost all of Georgia reads articles from our Foundation. Read officials from government agencies. What do you expect, do you think there will be a resonance?
Nino: The only thing I’m afraid is that social workers don’t rob me of my children ... If anything, they immediately threaten that they will rob children th! I do not want to part with the children! Children are all that I have! I don’t know how and what to do ... maybe someone will help, someone will tell ... someone will direct on the way ...
- Contact our readers!
Nino: I know that you will help me! Kind people! I know more than one happy family to whom you have opened up new opportunities. Which you saved from death, which you pulled out of hopeless darkness! Merry Christmas to you, may God lead you on the right path!
Friends, the Chernovetsky Charitable Foundation begins an action: to help the Kepashvili family. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Georgians must live as it should be the most proud nation on earth - Georgians!
To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, diapers in furniture and clothing! Children must go to school and kindergarten! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.
 And also - call Nino, congratulate you on the holidays, find out about their needs, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them alone in trouble in these New Year holidays! It is very important!
You can also personally meet them, provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And will reward you! Here is their contact phone: 597 88 84 56 Address: Tbilisi, No. 18 Tolendzhi Street
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Our fund account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000, GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Kepashvili family). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay, ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
And also, friends, be sure to find the opportunity to congratulate disadvantaged Georgians on holidays with kind words or postcards. And for children - present toys or sweets, and we will send you their smiles. We all are one family. These people must know that we are together and always there!

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