Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

He left his child and pregnant wife in a moldy boiler house

July 15, 2021       1653
God, it's hard to imagine where people live, it's hard to believe where the state is pushing them: into former dilapidated hospitals, greenhouses, barns. Our today's heroes - little Anna and her pregnant mother Victoria - live in the boiler house.
₾ 1,828.57
22 days ago
₾ 5
მარინე მამულია
a month ago
₾ 5
ზუხბაია ალექსი
a month ago
₾ 50
გელაშვილი ლევან
a month ago
₾ 5
ზურაბ გავაშელიშვილი
a month ago
₾ 3
თენგიზ თოფჩიშვილი
a month ago
₾ 70

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