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Why fate is so evil?

August 23, 2021
Grief, misfortune, poverty, pain, mental pain - these comes to your mind when you look back on this family... Seems like evil fate keeps pursuing these poor people. There is no other way to explain their misery and suffering.
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Grief, misfortune, poverty, pain, mental pain - these comes to your mind when you look back on this family...

Seems like evil fate keeps pursuing these poor people. There is no other way to explain their misery and suffering.

Or maybe it’s a family curse?

Nobody knows the answer to this question...

To begin with - the young woman Inga has gone through a lot in her life. It’s hard to believe that so many sorrows have fallen to the lot of one person.

She has to raise her three wonderful children alone, without anyone's support. Her husband is in prison now, he found himself there because of a stupid thing. Her relatives turned their backs on her and don’t help her in any manner. Her father who killed her mother was recently released from prison. Inga wants nothing to do with him at all - it’s understandable. So, she has no one to rely on but herself.

They have to huddle in a horrible shack. They have nothing to eat - so the only thing left is to beg for food from caring people. Due to their financial situation, children do not even go to school and kindergarten, although, the kids - Khatia, Gabriel, and Giorgi - are smart and do not mind learning. Their mother is heartbroken. Her childhood and early life were terrible, but her children have to live in even worse conditions. Due to health problems, Inga cannot physically work, and she spends all her time with her children. They live in just miserable conditions.

I would like to ask for help from caring people to help this family. They do not even have basic household appliances that every person has.

Lord, help these poor and suffering people!

“What will we have for dinner today?”

Inga: I don’t know where to start with my miserable story. I was probably born under an unlucky star. Do you want me to tell how afraid I was to come back home from school, so as not to bump into my father? Do you want me to tell you how my father killed my mother out of jealousy, and how my mother's relatives smashed our house and kicked me out of the village? Or how my first husband died in my arms when I was pregnant? Or how did my second husband go to jail because of a trifle? Or how do my children starve?

- Inga, please stop! Stop! Did all these happen to you?

Inga: It is not the whole story. You will not have enough time and patience to listen to it in detail. But this is not a reason why did I address you. The reason is that my children really have nothing to eat. I can’t pay the rent and I’m just afraid that we will soon be gone, that we will never wait until our dad is released from prison. 

- I got confused. Let’s start in order, let’s start from your childhood. 

Inga: Well, one can say I had no childhood. Dad had a bad temper, and my mom always protected us from him, taking a hit herself. She was a teacher and she always told me that I should learn and create my future myself. Honestly, I was afraid to come back home from school, I knew that there would be a brawl there.

I was 18 when I got married for the first time. We loved each other. In 2008 I received a call from the village where my parents lived, and I was told to come urgently. I felt that something was wrong. I couldn't get through to my mother and came up with all sorts of scary scenes on the way: that she felt bad, that they took her to the hospital, or she was hit by a car, or maybe she collapsed, maybe, maybe...

But when I arrived and entered the house, my mother was lying in a pool of blood, my father was not there... Everyone crowded around the house. They told me that my dad killed my mom... I’d like not to describe what I felt then. After my mother's funeral, her relatives demolished our house and told me to never contact them, as if I was involved in this murder. Maybe I was...

"In cramped quarters, but with the roof over the head"

- Let's take a break, Inga... We will not continue if it is hard for you.

Inga: Well, let’s go on as far as we started. I have nothing to hide. So many years have passed, and I still cannot recover from this shock. My dad was sentenced to 12 years. Three months later my husband died in my arms of meningitis. (Brain inflammation - ed.) I had a miscarriage... In three months, I lost everyone I loved.

- How old were you then? How did you continue to live on?

Inga: I was 21. For five years I was in mourning. Then I met Zurab. To be honest, I was scared to start family. But when Khatia was born I realized that I was alive again. Then Gabriel was born. Everything went well for several years. Now I am 34 and I know there are thing scarier than burring your loved ones.

- I can’t believe that! What can be scarier?

Inga: Fearing for those who are alive. This is scarier. I worry for my children now. They are starving - I am not sure I will be able to give them any food tomorrow. Five days ago, I asked for food for them in monastery. They gave me five kilograms of noodles. And I look at the bag with fear - it will get empty soon. My children were eating noodles for five days and they did not protest. Yesterday Khatia asked me for bread. Just bread, can you imagine that? I went to a bakery to ask for it. They gave me two loafs. If you only could see how happy they were! “Mommy brought some bread, hurray!” - they shouted. Several times a day they look at the shelves where I store the foodstuffs when we have any to see if something has appeared there. It is not a childhood but a nightmare.

“Maybe some foodstuffs appear on a shelf? Magicians manage to do that!”

“Mommy, we used to have bread stored here. When will it appear again?”

- When did your children have normal meals for the last time?

Inga: I don’t remember... Our life is pretty hard. My husband is a laborer. He used to work at the construction site. He lost his work during this pandemic. The social allowance was hardly enough to pay rent and utility bills. But children got used to their dad pampering them. He always brought them some yummies after work. But after he got unemployed, he became unable to even buy bread.  And he did a terrible thing - he stole foodstuffs from a store... Don't feel like I'm trying to justify him. He was sentenced to 18-month probation. He had to go to the police station every week to check in. Then they told him that due to the pandemic there was no need to come and that they would inform him later when to come. But they never got in touch with him. And then they came and arrested him for not showing up. He’s been in jail for two months now. And we are literally doomed to perish. How can I live without money with three children in my arms?

- Is there anyone who can help you?

Inga: As I said before, I have no mom. My dad was released from prison recently, but I don’t want to see him. Relatives from mom’s side turned their backs on me. We are alone. The only salvation for us is a social allowance - 260 GEL. We have to pay 150 GEL for this room. Could you please advise what the rest of the money can be enough for? I am worrying for my children. They can get sick due to such diet. I suppose that the diet of the kittens who live in the street is much better. 

- They probably dream to eat their fill.

Khatia (7-year-old): No! I dream about one thing. I want to have a horse. And a dog, and a cat, and a rabbit, and a parrot.

- You probably dream about becoming a Zoo manager?

Khatia: No! Why did you decide so? I will be a doctor. I know they earn good money. Mommy says she will not visit them because she has no money. It means they charge a lot.

Khatia, 7, wants to study but she can’t go to school. Her mom did not manage to enroll her in, because they have no computer and Internet.

- Do you know that you should study very well to become a doctor? You are probably an excellent pupil at school? 

(Khatia kept silent and looked at her mom)

Inga: Khatia does not go to school. This year was too hard for us. We changed our housing many times. I did not manage to enroll her in a school. I did not manage to enroll my little ones in a kindergarten. You have to be very smart and have a computer to enroll your kids in a kindergarten or school. And we don’t even have a smartphone. I have no idea what to do and how.

“My childhood was hard, but a childhood of my kids is even scarier...”

- Inga, this is simply Insane... It's no less of a problem than hunger. 

Inga: I know. But I have no one to help me, no one to support me. I feel lost in this huge world, and I can do nothing with that. You know, when your children are hungry and you know that tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and after the day after tomorrow you will not have money to buy bread, that it’s already embarrassing to ask your neighbors, that you have debts in grocery shops, then what kind of education can we talk about? Or should I go and steal too?

Children grow up on noodles only!

Khatia: Do you want me to talk to you? Don't trust mommy that we're hungry. We have noodles. You know how delicious they are? How white they are? You can eat them both hot and cold. You can even fry them, but we have no butter now. Yesterday mommy brought some bread, and it was so delicious. 

"Mom, for how many more days are there noodles left?"

- Are bread and noodles delicious? 

Khatia: Yes! And a watermelon is delicious too! It is as sweet as sugar! 

- What is your favorite food? 

Khatia: Let’s talk about something else. I want to go to school. Everyone goes to school. My friend Anano goes to school too.

“Can we also have a live monkey?”

-Have you got many friends?

Khatia: I have a lot of friends! 

- How many? What their names are? 

Khatia: I already told you - Anano.

- But you said you had many friends.

Khatia: Anano is equal to many friends. She is very kind and she always makes gifts for me. Or shares her chocolate with me. She gives me her toys. She is very nice. Do you have your Anano as well? 

“I think mommy is talking about us again. She says we are her kittens.”

- Yes, of course. But her name is Keti, not Anano.

Khatia: Well, not a bad name. 

- Will Gabriel talk to us? He looks at us all the time, but he does not say a word.

Gabriel (5-year-old): I am Gabriel, hi! I love cheese. I want a dog too! But a living one. I already have a toy one.

- What does Giorgi need? What would he say if he could?

Khatia: He can’t. He can only cry. And he takes everything away from us.

 "Giorgi takes everything away from us, and mommy doesn't even scold him”

- I can see he is a mischief. And what does you mom say: who is the most disobedient?

Khatia: Mommy is obedient! She says we are her kittens. But we love to fool around. We are children!

“Come here, I'll take a picture of you too, my camera is cooler!"

- Do you like watching cartoons?

Khatia: Well, if we had a TV, we would have watched cartoons. But this one does not show it often. 

“This TV can only show reflection of this poor family. It went out of order a long time ago.


Friends, be honest, have you ever heard the story scarier than this one? You can only watch the misfortunes of this family by this TV. They have nothing! Absolutely nothing! Mom does not even dare to ask for TV or a washing machine, which she needs so badly. She only asks for the foodstuffs and clothes for her children. “The rest is up to you,” - she says. She does not even know what to ask for. She is in despair. It is not a call for help to this family, it is a call to save them! They won’t stand long eating only noodles.

You can visit Inga and her wonderful kittens yourself and provide them all possible help. Their address is: Tbilisi, 15 Ksovreli Str.

We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life!

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