He cried so much! And he kept saying: “Mom, mom, take the bandages off me! I can’t move my arms.” My poor boy didn’t realize then that he no longer had arms!! - Projects - Сhernovetskyi Fund

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He cried so much! And he kept saying: “Mom, mom, take the bandages off me! I can’t move my arms.” My poor boy didn’t realize then that he no longer had arms!!

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August 24, 2021
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Gogi's mother, Mari Khakhalashvili, gave her son a life twice: the first time when she gave birth to him, and the second when, losing consciousness from grief, she found the strength to save his life while he was dying on the surgical table!
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

Gogi's mother, Mari Khakhalashvili, gave her son a life twice: the first time when she gave birth to him, and the second when, losing consciousness from grief, she found the strength to save his life while he was dying on the surgical table!

Friends, we have a unique chance to give life to this Georgian boy for the third time, if we raise enough funds to "revive" his hands!

Goga narrowly escaped death, but lost his hands.

And this is how it happened: 9-year-old Gogi flared up like a torch! He burned and screamed... The demon lifted him 16-meter up an electric poll, but the Guardian Angels were nearby. Embraced by a ring of flame and beating in terrible convulsions, he had to die - according to all the laws of medicine...

“He was firmly pressed to the bars, and when finally, the electricity was turned off, the child fell to the ground like a stone. God had mercy - his uncle caught him on the fly. Can you imagine that? He has fallen from such a height! I am sure it was a miracle - I was there and saw everything with my own eyes!” - says mom. – “The angels picked up my boy and gently put him in the arms of his uncle, who picked up the child and gave him to my hands... "

  Later he underwent 13 complex surgeries and spent a month and a half in a coma. “While doctors were operating him on, and I watered the grave of Holy Father Gabriel with tears... Goga fought, he clung to life with his last strength,” - the woman gathers courage and continues: “The doctors gave me a terrible choice: if his hands are not amputated, the boy will die! “Do whatever is needed,” - I replied, - “if only he survives!” His brothers and sisters will become his hands! The doctor hugged me and said that not every mother could make such a decision..."

Goga is already 16 years old. He does not have one ear, he has burns and scars all over his body, he covers the bald spots on his head with a long hairstyle... All that he is not able to do on his own, four brothers and sisters do for him: feed him, give him a drink and put the clothes on him. For eight years now he has been trying to cope with living with no hands. They became the price he had to pay for his life!

- Goga, what will you do first, when you have hands? - I asked him.

- I will hug my relatives tightly! I haven't hugged them for so long, - Goga answers with a shy smile.

I can’t hold back my tears. His mother is crying too. Goga has a large family that always supports him: mother Mari Khakhalashvili (38-year-old) and his brothers and sisters: Giorgi (19-year-old), Manana (18-year-old), Anna (14-year-old) and Ioseb (13-year-old). These poor people can give plenty of love and support to him, but they don't have money to make Goga's dream come true. Dear friends, our goal now is to help Goga to fulfil his dream!

Mari: I remember the day when my son came to senses after coma. He said: "Mom, take these bandages off me, they don’t let me move my arms." My God! I tried my best not to cry so as not to scare my son. He didn’t understand yet what had happened. Therefore, I left the ward pretending that I was calling for doctor. When I entered the ward after a while, my son asked me: "Mom, I have no more hands, do I? Don't you cry, Mom, okay? " Goga is such a sensitive boy. Even in such a situation, he was not thinking about himself, but worried about me!  (Cries)

Sometimes Goga serves food for himself with his mouth. But he cannot eat without help

- Mari, I know how hard it is for you to recall those events ... But could you please tell us what happened then?

Mari: Children played in a field not far from our home. There was an electric tower. I don’t know why Goga decided to climb it... (Mari became quite for a moment, trying to pull herself together) He got an electric shock. His whole body was covered in flames, he was beating in convulsions, yet he was still conscious and crying. We called an ambulance. Doctors were shocked that the boy was still alive. They said that after being hit by 380 volts even adult man would not have survived, furthermore a child. After the first surgery, Goga did not regain his consciousness, they put him on mechanical ventilator. After that day, the real suffering begun. Nobody knew if my boy was going to survive. We were counting the days, the minutes...

- How did Goga lose his hands?

Mari: During the operation, a doctor came to me. He said that my son's hands were badly damaged, and the infection could lead to death. The child's only chance to survive was amputation. My poor boy! (Cries) In total, my son had been operated on 13 times. When my son received an electric shock, he was thrown 16 meters up. The discharge was very powerful! Goga had severe burns all over his body... Well, He actually had no skin on his belly and shoulders… Therefore, they transplanted skin from his feet.

Besides losing his hands Goga started having epilepsy attacks.

- How does Goga feel now?

The electric shock took away not only my boy's hands, but also a quiet life. He must take epilepsy medication every day. Once Goga forgot to take a pill, and he got an attack immediately. If I was not with him at this moment... God! I don't even want to think about it!

- Mari, why did you address our Fund? How can we help you?

Mari (sighs): It is very difficult for Goga. No matter how brave he tries to look, but I'm a mother, I can see how difficult it is for him. And it is rather more difficult because he knows a difference between the full life he used to live, and the life he has to live now. But the doctors said that there are modern prostheses that can completely replace his hands. They are very expensive. That amount is unaffordable for our family, so we hope for your help!

You know, when the doctors said that it was possible to give him full prosthetics, you should have seen how Gogi's eyes lit up! Now he keeps speaking about that all the time. Recently he told me: “Mom, when I have hands, I will help you a lot!” And I responded: "Son, the main thing is that you are happy and healthy!"

The building of the former college: the Khakhalashvili family lives here in two rooms

- Mari, what do you live on? Does the family have any income?

Mari: We get social allowance (460 GEL) and disability pension (250 GEL). I also take some part-time jobs - I go wherever something turns up. I recently came back from Kakheti - I went there for two weeks to work in the vineyards. I take any job, if only there was an opportunity to earn even a penny.

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

I addressed them many times! Once I visited local administration and met the deputy head of administration. I told him that we do not have our own home, that I have a disabled son with no hands, and we need help... Do you know what his answer was? “What does that have to do with me? Do you think I can build house for you or grow hands to your son?” It hurt me so much! I just turned around and left. What one can talk about with such a person?

- You raise your children alone...

I divorced with my ex-husband many years ago. Don't get me wrong, I just don’t want to recall all the bad things that he did to me... I don’t want to talk about it - we have enough suffering to deal with. I can only say that he did not work and did not even want to, he drank, and then he could not keep his hands to himself. I endured it for a long time. And then I packed my things and left him together with my children.

- Does he help you?

Mari: What are you talking about? He does not help me, he does not send me money. Well, where can he get money if he doesn't work? In the summer he can take the children to his place for a couple of weeks. That's it.

- Do you rent this building?

Mari: This building is a former college. Now it belongs to the Ministry of Economy - 27 more families live here besides us. We huddle in two rooms. You can see for yourself in what condition this building is: it has not been renovated, we have no amenities here. The walls are shabby and it very cold and damp in here in winter. We haven’t got a washing machine, so we wash everything with hands. I bring water from the yard, heat it and then wash. It is very hard. But the most important thing for me is Goga’s health.

Sisters and brothers became Goga’s hands.

(The oldest daughter Manana joins our conversation.)

Manana: I used to work in a patisserie. I liked working there and I liked that I had chance to help my family. But I left my job  a couple of weeks ago because mom sometimes leaves for work. She had been in Kakheti for two weeks not long ago. My older brother Giorgi is in the army now. So there is no one to leave children with. I had to leave work to look after my brothers and sister.

- Probably, Goga needs special attention.

Manana (smiles): He keeps surprising me! For instance, he gets up before us and makes a bed...

- Wait a minute, how?

You won’t believe - with his teeth! I can’t understand how he does that. Mom often scolds him for this, she tells him that he can break his teeth this way.

Goga: I just want to be independent. I also want to do something.

Every morning mother help Goga to wash himself.

- Goga, when you lost your hands... How did you cope with that hard situation?

Goga: I was worried a little bit. Then I decided that I was exactly the same as others. I am an ordinary person; I just have no hands.

Manana: Goga even went to school and graduated from there. He graduated from the ninth form.

- Goga, what kind of a student you were?

Mari: Let me better answer. As far as you can see, Goga is a little bit shy. It is not very easy for him to communicate with strangers. Goga attended all the lessons, listened to teachers, and learned. His classmates also helped him a lot. They read books to him aloud, and Goga memorized. He's a very smart boy!

-  Mari, sorry for asking this question, but how did the children take the fact that Goga was a little different from them?

Mari: With an understanding which was pretty unusual! Nobody called him names or teased him. On the contrary, they tried in every possible way to help him. If someone has a birthday or the guys are going somewhere, they always immediately call Goga to go with them. Of course, this was very important and helped Goga to rub through the loss of his hands.

(The younger children of the Khakhalashvili family - Anna and Ioseb - come back from school. They join our conversation.)

- Guys, you came back from school. How was your day?

Math teacher praised me today, he said I did my homework well. But it was Goga who helped me. (smiles.)

- What form are you in?

Anna: I am in the ninth form and Ioseb is in eighth.

- It means that you will graduate soon?

Ioseb: For now, we will continue to study at school. Because after the 12th grade, both Anna and I want to be in the military. Therefore, it is too early for us to leave school.

- So, you dream to defend your country?

Anna: Yes, we want to defend Georgia. And we want to defend our family.

Ioseb: You know, ma’am, Goga is the best brother! He is very kind! He will have new hands, won’t he? Do you promise that?

"I can play ball with my brother. I don’t need hands for that...”


Friends, can we promise to Goga that we will help him to fulfill his dream of having hands? Only you can answer this question, only you can help this poor guy, whose happiness depends simply on us, friends!

Goga is in dire need of an expensive examination, medications, and prosthetics. He dreams of having hands and living the life that he is now deprived of.

You can visit Goga and his family yourself and provide them with any help. Their address: Marneuli, 21 Erekle II Str.

Don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge.

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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
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