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The heart of the father could not stand it! He had been suffering for so long and so much! Friends, now we are responsible for his six beautiful children!

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April 19, 2022
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Tell me honestly - is it a shame to be poor? Is it a shame when there are not enough slippers for everyone at home, and your socks get torn on an uneven floor? Is it a shame when you can’t close the doors, and snakes crawl into the house through the holes? Is it a shame when children tell their mother that they are really hungry?
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The heart of the father could not stand it! He had been suffering for so long and so much! Friends, now we are responsible for his six beautiful children!


Tell me honestly - is it a shame to be poor? Is it a shame when there are not enough slippers for everyone at home, and your socks get torn on an uneven floor? Is it a shame when you can’t close the doors, and snakes crawl into the house through the holes? Is it a shame when children tell their mother that they are really hungry?

Forty-year-old Khatia is ashamed of everything. She is ashamed to look into the eyes of her children, she does not know what to answer, how to make excuses when they ask her, do all children live like this? And if not all of them live like this, what were they guilty of?

Khatia: Before my six children got orphaned, before I was widowed, I was the happiest wife, mother, and woman! We got married when we were 24 and spent ten wonderful years together. And suddenly, in a matter of months, my beloved David died of a heart attack. We took a loan in the bank to save him, but alas... He left us. His heart burst! Since then, my children and I cannot hold back the tears. They have lost a truly precious father.

 - So, all your problems started after your husband passed away?

  Khatia: Right. We never lived richly, but we never went hungry and barefoot. And now we have become beggars. We do not have our own home, we live in this ruined house - our neighbor let us live here. He had to leave, and until he comes back, we can stay here.

Saba (7-year-old): But do you know how scary it is to live here? Do you want me to show you something?

“Do you know what crawls into the house from here? A huge snake"

Anastasia (5-year-old): Yes, I saw it myself. It was very scary! It looked at me and said terrible things.

- Really? What did it say? What color was it?

  Anastasia: It was of a “big color”! I don’t remember what it said, I started yelling, and grandfather came running and killed it with a shovel. It was twisting... You would get scared too!

  Khatia: She’s saying the truth! Snakes really get into the house. When it rains, we move the beds back and forth to avoid dripping water on our beds. Or rather, pouring water.

Can this pile of stones and rotten wood be called home?

  - Khatia, how did you find yourself here? How do you live here? How do you live in general?

  Khatia: For the fifth year now, we do not live, but exist. We don’t have a house, we can’t rent it, we don’t even have enough for food. We get robbed by a bank every month. I get an allowance - 1100 lari, but every month the bank takes 800 lari. When my husband was ill, we had to take a loan for treatment. How to live on 300 lari? How to feed six children? I don't say anything about myself.

Mariam (9-year-old): Mom cries a lot. We don't tell her that we are hungry, but she knows. Our socks are torn. Here on the floor, there are some nails coming out, and we tear our socks. Sometimes we even scratch our feet so that they bleed. Mom sews socks up, but they still tear in one place or another.

All the children's clothes are torn. Because of this, they are not always able to go to school.

- Why do you only wear socks?

  Mariam: There aren't enough slippers for everyone. Do you know what I dream about? So that everyone has slippers and shoes and that I have a soft toy.

 Nazi (11-year-old): Is it a proper time to ask for a toy? You are crazy? We don’t have clothes to go to school, and she wants toys.

- Nazi, you are so strict. Perhaps you also have dreams, like your sister?

  Nazi: My dreams are not like that, but real ones that will never come true. I dream of a warm house, I dream that water does not drip on us from above and that we do not have to move beds around the room in the hope of finding a place where there is less dripping.

No one cares about the fate of six children… They are hungry? It’s okay. They are cold? What to do? Your children are your problem

- Khatia, did you ask for help?

  Khatia: Yes, many times. We asked them to forgive our debt at least partially. Or to change our pay-off schedule so that we could handle it. But no. We asked them to a rent an apartment for us or at least fix the roof. “No”, again. What else to ask? What’s the point to address them again? They didn't even see how and where we live. In what conditions do six orphans live. So, I addressed you - I know that you will at least support me with your kind words.

- Have you thought about what could make your life easier?

Khatia: If we had normal living conditions and the bank did not take all the allowance, we would have coped with everything ourselves. I can't ask for a washing machine or appliances when my kids are hungry and barefoot. You know what I mean. Indeed, washing clothes for six children in cold water is pretty hard, but one can stand it.

  Lali (13 years old): When I start working, I will buy you a washing machine. Don't cry mom.

- What do you want to become?

  Lali: I want to become a chef. I want to take courses. They say I'm good at it. Once I even made khinkali myself. Do you know how difficult it is? I really want to earn money so that we can all live better.

Soup made of water and buckwheat. Do you think it's delicious?

- How much would you like to earn? What would you buy with your first salary?

Lali: Oh, it’s such a difficult question. I do not even know what to answer. I would really like to have a normal house. I would buy beds for everyone, and clothes and shoes. My mother can’t cope alone, we are six children! How good it was when our dad was alive!

- Do you miss him?

  Lali: Very much! I loved him the most. When they had asked me whom I loved more - mom or dad, I never hesitated to say that I loved dad. Mom never got offended because she also loved him most of all.

“We had the most amazing dad. We miss him so much."

- Do you often think of him?

  Lali: I think about him all the time. He died before my eyes. I remember his last breaths very distinctly. He suffered so much! His last words were: "Take care of mom." I'm going to cry now... It's so hard to talk about him.  I don’t understand how mom manages to hold back and not cry. She is strong.

A house with a roof is their biggest dream

Mariam: And I also want a house with a roof. And lots of socks! And so they don't tear so fast.

“We sleep together in this bed. When it collapses we collapse too”

Nazi: I also want a house. I want everyone to have beds. We have only three beds now. They are so uncomfortable, so creaky. I would sleep on the floor, but I'm afraid that again some creature will crawl into the house and bite me!

 Saba: And I want us to have lunch every day. Some warm and delicious meals.  

 Anastasia: And I don't like to eat! I like to drink, and I want juice! And I want strawberry cake and an orange-shaped cup for my birthday!
Good! A beautiful one!

“I dream that I have a lot of socks and that they never tear”

- Don’t you want any toys? Or nice clothes?

  Mariam: Can we have that? We want!

 Anastasia: I probably want a doll. And slippers!

  - Khatia, now it’s your turn to say what you dream about?

  Khatia: I want our roof not to leak and all the children to have beds. I can sleep even on the floor. So that we have food and hygiene products. That we have clothes and shoes. If there was a cow or chickens, I would be just happy!

- And what about a washing machine? TV?

  Khatia: Oh, I don’t dare to ask for it ... I prefer groceries! We can't afford living like that.


  Dear friends, these wonderful people are in dire straits. Or rather, they are on the verge of death. They really need our support! In anticipation of the bright holiday of Easter, children especially acutely feel that they are not like everyone else. They don't know what they did wrong. Children no longer believe in miracles. No one ever fulfilled their wishes, except for their dad. But their dad is no longer alive.

At the moment, they need their roof to be fixed, they need beds, groceries and hygiene products. And they really need clothes and shoes.

  If any of you can visit this family and get to know these charming children personally, know that you will not regret it! You will remember your acquaintance with this family for the rest of your life! Their address is: Dusheti, 3 Pirmisashvili Street.

  Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! 

  We are sure that all together we will manage to save them from imminent death.

  Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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  We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

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