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Death of your choice

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November 17, 2022
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Which death is better? From the cold? From disease? Or from roof collapsing on your head!? God forbid anyone to face such a choice! “While it was warm, we slept outdoors. We were afraid that the roof of our dilapidated house would collapse on our heads. But it already got cold - now it's impossible to stay outside at night. It doesn't matter what will kill us - the cold or this house. During the wind, it shakes and makes strange sounds. It won't survive this winter. And we won’t be able to stand it - we’ll die from the cold.” - 83-year-old grandmother Liunina wipes away the tears from her eyes. Then, leaning with her wrinkled hand on a stick carved from wood, she hardly leads us to the house. “We huddle in one room. We don't have firewood or food for winter. My old age is bitter, it is so bitter... Although there is nothing sweet in this country for people like me. Only death…"
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