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Mom is the warmest word in the world. “Don't cry, don't cry Mommy, I'm not dying yet...!!!”

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March 30, 2023
One sorrow replaces another, and sometimes not even replaces, but aggravates the previous one, making their existence unbearable. 43-year-old Thea Baburidze is one of those who has never been spoiled by fate - neither with health, nor with a beautiful and happy life, nor with family warmth, nor with devoted friends. This unfortunate woman has been deprived of everything since childhood.
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You reminded Tea that she is a beautiful, graceful woman, and she bloomed from your care!

“I spent my last birthday horribly," says Tea. "I was lying in bed, writhing in pain and crying. And I made a wish that next year I wouldn't be so unhappy. So that I could at least sit up in bed, or even better - stand on my feet and walk, so that my poor mother wouldn't suffer so much."

One year ago, after COVID, Tea, who was still quite young, became bedridden

Tea couldn't even turn to the side or sit up in bed

I'm turning 44 soon. I can sit up in bed on my own now. I even managed to walk for three days - from one room to another. But it's still too early to walk - I fall. For the first time in many years, I managed to see a doctor and started taking medication. For the first time, I learned my diagnosis - a spinal hernia and a bunch of other ailments. This is the biggest gift from you on my birthday - my treatment. But we also really liked your other gifts, my mom and me: the medical beds, the big plasma TV, the chairs, and the washing machine. I've calmed down, my mood is better, and I don't cry as often.

Nana, Tea’s mom: When my daughter is feeling better, I don't get as nervous. I bless you for taking care of her, of us. I know you will see this through and help my Tea stand on her feet. 

Nana: "I bless you! May the Lord grant you a lifetime of happiness!"

- Tea, what kind of examination did you undergo during the project, and how has the treatment helped?  Are there still any pains in your back and legs?"

Tea: "I had MRI on my spine. The MRI immediately revealed all my health issues. Let me take a look. (Examines the report): Spinal hernia, disc protrusions, neural canal stenosis... Eight different problems in total. Not a great report. But surgery isn't necessary; I can treat it with injections and medication. I completed a course of treatment with your assistance. Previously, the pain was unbearable, and it never let up. Now, my back aches from time to time, but it's manageable. If I continue with the treatment and maybe even undergo another round, I might be able to finally get rid of it."

Tea: "I can already sit, and if I continue with the treatment, maybe I'll be able to stand on my feet"

I'm very happy with the new bed, with the therapeutic, well... orthopedic mattress.  They brought my mom the same bed too.  My mom isn't the healthiest person either.  It's because of me that she can't afford to get sick and has to stay on her feet.  My mom needs proper rest.  Thank you for thinking of everything.

Both Tea and her mom Nana now sleep comfortably on the new beds with therapeutic mattresses

 It's scary to think about how many years I spent lying on that old bed. Whichever way I turned, everything hurt, ached, how many tears I shed on that bed. But here, I sleep peacefully, no longer tormented by pain.  Even our village priest, Zakaria, noticed when he came to visit me that there was no suffering on my face.

Nana: At last, we could seat a person properly - in a chair. You know, we only had two broken chairs before - in the whole house. When someone visited us, we even felt embarrassed to offer them a seat. Now we have new chairs, just in case someone decides to visit my Tea.

Nana: If anyone wants to visit us, we'll be happy to seat you properly.

Tea: Our priest, upon reading your post, also decided to help us. Thanks to him, I had a visit from a neurologist. Whenever I look at your gifts, I sometimes get a lump in my throat. I'm not used to such care; nobody has ever done anything like this for me. And then there were comments on Facebook - so many heartfelt wishes for health and happiness, asking me not to be sad. I was completely overwhelmed and moved to tears.

- Tea, is it really so bad to cry from happiness?

Tea: It's better than crying from bitterness.  Thank you to everyone who supported me.  Wishing you all goodness, health, and well-being.

Nana: May God protect you all!  You're doing a great thing!

Tea: This plasma TV is a nice thing. It's in my room. When I turn it on, I don't feel that lonely, and I forget about negative thoughts for a while.  I try not to watch sad things because I already have enough sadness in my life. I watch comedy shows and positive content. It helps me pass the time.  Your social worker, David, brought me a mobile phone recently. I consider it a gift for my upcoming birthday.  Now I have internet access, and I read a lot there.

“I forget about loneliness and sad thoughts while watching TV"

- What are you searching for, Tea? What are you interested in?

Tea: I read advice from doctors, a read about various medical conditions.

With her new phone, Tea goes online and reads articles that interest her

- We wish you a full recovery, so you won't be interested in such publications anymore. But we don't just wish; we want to know how we can help.

Tea: I want to ask for another course of treatment—more injections and medication. The first one helped a lot; you see, I can now sit in bed.  I can transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. But I can't move independently, I can't get to the bathroom, and I can't go outside into the yard.  My mom doesn't have the strength to push me in the wheelchair. I really want to get out of this bed, to be on my feet. To help my mom somehow.

Nana: I do what's within my capabilities for now.  But thanks to God and all the compassionate people, you've relieved me of some burdens. I won't have to worry about laundry anymore. In a couple of days, we'll connect the new washing machine to the water supply, and that will be a relief. 

Nana: «At my age it is hard to do laundry while standing!  When I used to wring out clothes by hand, I felt like a squeezed lemon afterward. I was very happy when we got the machine»

Our utility bills are paid - thanks to you, you took care of that. We're not afraid of having our electricity and gas cut off. A few times, I bought groceries when the donations from the Fund came in – that was a great help too.

- Have the local authorities shown any interest in your situation? 

Tea: I can't remember anything like that. Mom, did anyone call or ask when you had a phone?

Nana: No, nobody did. They gave us 200 lari, but that was a long time ago.

Tea: It's been a month; I can't remember exactly - it was a long time ago.

Nana: It's good that you're taking care of my Tea. My heart feels a bit relieved.

It is only thanks to your mercy that this family manages to hold on to life.  Illnesses have confined Tea to her bed, and soon her elderly mother Nana will have no strength left... It is very important for us to get Tea back on her feet.  Very soon, Nana won't be able to lift her, bring groceries from the store... It's even hard to imagine the difficult situation awaiting these two helpless women.  We are doing our best to prevent it with your help.  And we are confident that we can help Tea with her treatment once again.  The Lord guides those who want to help.

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, and talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy!

Friends, thanks again to each of you!

Our Fund’s accounts are:

 – In Bank of Georgia GE42LB0115113036665000

 – In TBC Bank GE15TB7194336080100003;

 – In Liberty Bank GE42LB0115113036665000;

(Purpose: The Beburidze family)

You can also transfer money from our website: TБC Bank (GeoPay), Bank of Georgia (e-commerce), Liberty Bank (PayGe), PayPal.

It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay, ExpressPay and PayBox (OPPA) terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (you can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link 

Even if you dial once this special number 0901200270 it might save someone's life! God bless you! 

  Let's believe that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them! 

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