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I could not do it alone!

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February 15, 2016
The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Tina Siradze.
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Project completed!

“I am glad you have come! I could not get away with it alone», – Tina usually meets the nurses of our Foundation.

She has always dreamt of big and friendly family, which would live in cozy and comfortable house.

However, life has its plans! Tina’s parents passed away, and then she lost the only sister and remained alone in big empty house.

Tina tried to fill in the emptiness with interesting work. She developed turbine engines and participates in construction of HES throughout whole Caucasus. She is often joking: “bringing light into the dark kingdom of the most remote highland villages”.

Years flew, Tina lost her job, and then her energy, and now she is hardly moving in the room.

Empty house of her parents become old, and nowadays it more exists in documents than in reality. Walls and ceiling Стеныипотолокcrashed, wind lives where her family used to live before.

Thus, Tina had to move to the semi-basement in which her family kept products for winter. That is usual basement – damp, cold with concrete floor with peeled off walls! Tina put the carton on the floor in order to protect herself somehow from moisture and cold. Tina has no bathroom or kitchen...

You think loss of relatives, lonely old age, and being in terrible conditions – it is the worst, which might happen to a person?!

No! The worst was waiting for her ahead! Resulting of the permanent stress, frustration and unbearable conditions Tina suffered from serious diseases, requiring expensive treatment.

Moreover, the tiny pension of poor woman is not enough for medications and improvement of her living conditions! She cannot pay for household running fees! Thus, she switches gas heater only when she cannot feel her hands as frozen!

Poor Tina Siradze needs our help and support most of all!

She has nobody to refer! Frustration, despair and deep loneliness, even in such a huge town – all that torture poor old woman.

It is strange to be alone among many people when nobody needs you, and you are left alone with your problems: diseases, hunger, cold and destroyed house.

We together with you helped many people, relieved their pain, made their lives easier and gave hope for better future.

So let us once again help Ms. Tina who would not get away without your help!

Foundation “Social Partnership” launched action for collection of finances to support poor old woman, who has serious problems right now.

We summon not to stay indifferent to misfortune of others! You can transfer money for that poor woman to the account GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Tina Siradze) or pay directly from the site https://fsp.ge/en/donate/118/.

Any even insignificant help would relive her tortures and improve her life!

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