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Blind paralyzed Lawrence Kuchukhidze need our help!

Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" wants to introduce you to a very unhappy old man who is in a terrible situation
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Project completed!

Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" wants to introduce you to a very unhappy old man who is in a terrible condition and urgently needs our help!

Lawrence Kuchukhidze a child suffers a severe form of meningitis. Because of constant illness, he could not even get a secondary education. He never played in the yard with the kids, and watching everything going out the window. He is always in need of assistance, it was difficult to dress, eat, wash ... His mother to old age care of seriously ill son, and when it was gone, with experiences of nerves from Mr. Lawrence was two stroke which paralyzed him chained to the bed. Then he developed diabetes, and he completely lost his sight!

In order not to leave a single blind and motionless old man, his sister Julie went to live with him. And now the 80-year-old feeble old woman with a bouquet of incurable diseases, which is itself hardly moves around the room, caring for her 74-year-old brother!

Living conditions have terrible: the apartment is damp and cold. Heated small room at the old people do not get their tiny pensions are not enough even for food and vital medicines. Therefore, only one light is on in the house, and she could hardly shines. Lawrence said that the lamp warms it. So is this half-starved, blind old man cold and uncomfortable room under a pile of quilts old and battered!

If you are really good man, and endowed with a special gift to feel the grief of others, then you will surely be able to imagine the horror and hopelessness of the situation, which turned out to be Mr. Lawrence and his selfless sister!

We call on all concerned, sensitive people, if you have the opportunity to somehow alleviate the plight of the poor old man, who in his life suffered so much pain and suffering, you can deposit money into the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (appointment: Lawrence Kuchukhidze) or pay directly from the website of the Fund

Let's be kind to our elders, setting an example for our children, and then our old age you will be happy and serene!


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