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old lady with ill daughter live in a shed!

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n these holidays we would like to tell you the story of a person who unfortunately is in nonfestive mood... This is a beneficiary of our Fund, Zaira Gogibe
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For already more than 5 years, in weekdays and on holidays Chernovetskyi Charity Fund helps feeble and miserable people who merely cannot survive without people’s help!

In these holidays we would like to tell you the story of a person who unfortunately is in nonfestive mood... This is a beneficiary of our Fund, Zaira Gogiberidze. Lately this poor old lady survived so many severe shocks that it is even difficult to imagine!

Zaira’s husband got severely ill. They had to sell their apartment and move to a shed to pay for his operation and treatment. Unfortunately they did not manage to save the husband... But that was not the last misfortune that came to them! In some time her son-in-law suddenly died, her daughter was diagnosed with an incurable disease and she herself fell down and broke her leg.

Heavy stress and anxiety undermined the health of the poor old lady. Now she can hardly move in her shed... And there are no conveniences in this shed: neither water supply, nor heating! There are even no windows – window openings are boarded up with plywood to protect from cold and wind at least a little.

Poor old lady Zaira with her daughter warm themselves and cook on the wood stove and only when good people bring some firewood. Sometimes they have no firewood, nor even bread, and then all day long they have to lie in bed under a pile of blankets in order not to be frozen or not to fall down of hunger …

Zaira and her daughter acutely need food products, medicines and firewood. Any help will be vitally important to them!

On the Christmas Eve we urge you to show kindness and sympathy and help these poor women to survive, as they are living in inhuman conditions without any means of subsistence. You can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Zaira Gogiberidze) or pay directly from our web-site

Together with you we have already helped many miserable people! Let us support this poor old lady Zaira who is too modest to ask anyone for anything ever.

We assure you that she would be happy to accept any of the help you can give her and she will have heartfelt gratitude for any warmth and care from other people!

Large Gagnidze Family doesn´t know how to survive the winter!

Chernovetskyi Charity Fund would like to tell you about the family of Gogita and Katherine Gagnidze who are bringing up 6 wonderful children.

This family got into a very complicated situation. The father of the family cannot any more do physical work, earn the family´s living or feed his children because of the dramatic worsening of his health… A while ago he used to work at a building site and earned enough to support his family. And now they left without any means of subsistence.

Now they have to survive with the scanty allowance which is less than 3 lari per day for one person! Could you just imagine that? This money is not even enough to cover utilities! Due to the debts for power supply there is no light in their house for several weeks, and the children have to do their homework in the slight glimmer of candles …

The family eats short commons brought from the social canteen once a day. Not always they can even buy the essential products (bread, cereals and flour), and they even don´t dream of making their children happy with some sweet things for holidays!

The premises where this miserable family is dwelling now is completely unfit for living. The walls cracked, rain water pours from the ceiling, and some windows have cardboard sheets instead of glass.

Despite the horror and poverty which surround them the children in this family are very nice, kind and well-bred.

Nika, the eldest son, dreams of entering a culinary school in order to learn how to cook and to give food to his smaller brothers and sisters to their heart’s content.

Gabriel has 12 years old; the boy swims perfectly well and wishes to become a rescuer.

11-year old Miriam dreams to become a teacher. She adores reading and the best present for her are books.

7-year old Luka and 6-year old Saba want to become football players and make their country famous when they grow up!

The youngest Barbare dreams to have a Barbie doll which she saw her friends had. And also wants so much to get a cake for her birthday! As during the 4 years of her life the poor girl has never blown out candles on her birthday cake…

We earnestly ask you to provide help to the Gagnidze family: at the moment the state of these poor people is absolutely horrible! They acutely need any assistance: food products, hygiene products, medicines for children, clothes for children, shoes and bed clothes!

Their only hope is for the good people! You are their only hope!

Please, on the New Year and Christmas Eve show kindness and sympathy and help these poor children! Because there is no one to give presents to them or to make their dreams come true. They even have only one New Year wish, they want Father Frost to bring them food!

We are starting a charitable fund rising action for the large Gagnidze Family. Any help you give, even the smallest one, will help them to survive! If you have a possibility to render financial aid to these poor people, you can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Gagnidze Family) or pay directly from our web-site

Don’t remain indifferent, do good for the poor kids and it will return to you and your children for sure!

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