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Mother of sick Mamuki prays for help!

Horrible story of Mamuka Koplatadze – beneficiary of the Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi may strike anybody with terror!
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There are coincidences, when everything turns against a man. And it is very scary if that person is a little boy who does not even realize why his cheerful and carefree life changed into terrible sufferings in the hospital.

Horrible story of Mamuka Koplatadze – beneficiary of the Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi may strike anybody with terror!

Mamuka – is a long-awaited child in the family, was born and grew a healthy and smart boy. Nothing threatened him, but on one fateful day the boy got sick, as children usually get sick… They thought it was just a cold, but it turned out to be meningitis. Three-year-old boy had seizures, they could hardly deliver him to the hospital. ItwasamiracletosafeMamukaslife.

-  God, don’t let him die, let him live, let him stay with me! – Heartbroken mother Lali was praying.

Doctors’ terrible diagnosis sounded like a death sentence: “Your son’s cerebral cortex is so damaged that even if he gets over the illness, he won’t live long!” But it was all the same for his mother, it is important that he lived, it was important that he stays with his mother as long as possible!

Mother’s prayer was heard, and Mamuka is no 27 years old!

Soon after illness of the boy his father died of nervous breakdown. Mother had to leave her job and to devote herself to childcare. She adores her child and since many years she tries to do everything possible and impossible to improve Mamuka’s condition.

Mother Lali is old enough, and she is not able to carry her child any more. But inspite of all diseases and ailments she takes care of her boy as if he were still young. Mamuka can do nothing independently: neither sit up in bed, nor turn to side, nor eat… He can only scream, when something hurts, and call his mom…

The family has sold everything during these years and now they are threatened to be evicted from the apartment due to debts! The only source to their existence is small allowance, which is not enough for medications, sometimes even for food!

Due to lack of means for treatment the condition of Mamuka becomes heavier. But in opinion of the doctors expensive medicaments and rehabilitation course will alleviate his sufferings!

What can we do for this unhappy family? How can we support this seriously ill young man and his long-suffering mother in this situation?

Chernovetskyi Fund calls on all kind people not to stay aside from these great sorrow and misery of Family Koplatadze! Your, even insignificant assistance (food products, medications, means of hygiene) may help to alleviate their sufferings and give them hope for the future!

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Mamuka Koplatadze), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

Your assistance may be crucial in improving Mamuka’s condition, and the boy will finally feel himself better! We lay all hopes on you, dear friends!

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