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Together we can help Sofia to recover from illness!

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The most valuable in life of a woman is health of her children. Not all of us might be able to imagine how mother experiences excruciating pain when...
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The most valuable in life of a woman is health of her children. Not all of us might be able to imagine how mother experiences excruciating pain when looking at sufferings of her child…

Charity of Fund Chernovetskyi would like to introduce you with the beneficiary – seriously ill Sofia Lazarashvili.

Sofia’s mother – Irina got married very young and with 16 years she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sofia was healthy, beautiful, clever and talented girl todelight of parents. She studied well at school and participated in school Olympiads.

But unfortunately the happy life of a family didn’t last long. When she was 11 years old, Sofia lost consciousness and fell down at school. For three months she has been at resuscitation unit struggling against death!

Her family sold all valuables in order to pay for expensive treatment: the flat, the car, the furniture and even all kitchenware. It was possible to save the girl, but after being discharged from the hospital her legs failed, then she started forgetting some words, when she was 14 she stopped talking at all and moving independently.

Now Sofia is completely bed-ridden, she often has epileptic seizures; that’s why it is dangerous to leave her unattended even for several minutes. When mother needs to go out, Sofia’s younger brothers take care of her.

If she doesn’t start intensive treatment, Sofia’s condition will worsen day by day.

This poor family has no money for treatment! They even get food once a day in a free canteen for socially unprotected people!

They live in a former kindergarten on the outskirts of Tbilisi, in Vazisubani. The walls of the building are covered with mould, there is almost no furniture. They brought the table and the chairs from a disposal dump, they made a bed out of boards…

However, mother Irina does her best to encourage herself and her children, but when she stays alone with herself she cannot hold her tears back out of despair. Every time she thinks that her daughter’s condition might irreparably worsen, she has a lump in her throat that chokes her!

Chernovetskyi’s Fund provides assistance to this ill girl with food products and medications. But we are not able to solve the main problem – to provide treatment and rehabilitation. That is why Sofia needs your assistance and support!

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Sofia Lazarashvili), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

Please, do not refuse to help this innocent angel’s soul, there is nothing nobler than to selflessly help a human who never asks for help and is not able to help you in return!

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