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2 choices – to die of pain or of hunger!

“Yes, you have spinal disc herniation – said the doctor – nothing complicated, we will operate you and you will live as before”
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They say that everyone always has a choice… But terrible though it may sound, dreadful though it may be, sometimes you have to choose among two mischieves – to suffer from pain or from hunger… God forbid that once you would face such a choice, and poor Catherine Ivanauri has to choose every day between hunger and pain, for already 5 years! Can you imagine that? In the 21st century a person has to choose whether to die of hunger or of unbearable pain!

Catherine used to be a healthy, cheerful and merry girl. She worked and lived a fulfilling life. When her back started aching she even did not pay any attention to it; but when the pain became insupportable Catherine went to a doctor.

“Yes, you have spinal disc herniation – said the doctor – nothing complicated, we will operate you and you will live as before” – these news encouraged Cathy. She went to the operation as to a holiday!

But alas… Everything went not as it had been planned, after the operation Catherine stayed at resuscitation department for several days, pain became stronger than before the operation… They decided to make a second operation… And it was done, but pain did not go; in 2 weeks she was operated once again… and again in a year… and again… She turned into a laboratory guinea-pig out of a healthy person; she was constantly under the knife, under strong painkillers and she could hardly move on crutches. Then there was another operation and her condition worsened even more…

Now Catherine cannot even half-rise from her bed. Spinal injury, strong drugs and continuous stress caused trophic leg ulcers.

Totally during the 5 years Catherine survived 11 operations! Could you just imagine that! But on top of that, her state is aggravated by disastrous lack of money! Disability pension and social allowance amounting at 80 lari is enough neither for medicines, nor for wound closure materials, nor for food! And Catherine has to make a choice every day! The pain drives her crazy, and hunger makes her restless! Her body became feeble and she has no strength to struggle!

Catherine needs support, she needs our help! Indeed, could we help her to soothe her suffering? Could we help her to forget about her pain at least for a little? She does not need much; She just needs to live without pain!

On the Christmas Eve we urge you to show kindness and mercy and help this young woman to survive. You can transfer money for buying medicines, mattress and food products to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Catherine Ivanauri) or pay directly from our web-site

We assure you that she would be glad to accept any of your help and that she would really appreciate any manifestation of warmth and care from other people!