Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Bedridden in a damp room

81-year old Keto Sukhashvili is a beneficiary of Chernovetskyi Fund. She cannot move without others’ help.
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Ability to do good for all people without distinctions, and in particular for strangers, is a real God’s gift. Good deeds are a manifestation of true love to the Creator. They help to feel fully human!

81-year old Keto Sukhashvili is a beneficiary of Chernovetskyi Fund. She cannot move without others’ help. Sometimes it happens that she is even unable to get up from bed, and all days long she is sitting all alone suffering with pain. Apart from the bad heart condition, granny Keto does not have any other serious illnesses. 

Her family pertains to the socially unprotected category. The little pension is not enough for vital medicines; food is brought for her from free canteen for socially unprotected people.

The fact that Keto Sukhashvili lives in deplorable conditions, in a housekeeping chamber of an old dilapidated house, in insanitary conditions and without basic human conditions. In winter it is cold in the room; when it rains the room is flooded with water; the windows have glass only by half, and the walls got moldy due to dampness.

Our Fund provides assistance to granny Keto in form of medicines, underwear, diapers – it is enormous help for her. But unfortunately we are unable to resolve all the problems of this poor granny; participation of the whole Georgian community is required here!

We ask you to take her complicated situation to your heart and render all possible humanitarian assistance in form of bedclothes, hygiene products, heating unit and food.

But most of all Keto Sukhashvili needs a bed, because hers is so rusty and shattered that the poor old lady is afraid to turn over so that her bed would not fall into pieces and so that she would not need to sleep on the floor. Maybe there are good people among you who will present her a good bed?!

If you have a possibility to provide her financial help you can transfer money to the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: KetoSukhashvili) or directly from our Fund web-site

Help miserable people, do good, as it will save the world, and most important – a Human’s life! 


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