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You would not wish rotting alive on your worst enemy

it is a horror, not a life!
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Gratitude is a magic power; it brings new blood not just to your heart, but also to the hearts of people around you.

Mzia Adamia, 65-year old refugee from Abkhasia, thinks that Chernovetskyi Fund brought her back to life, and the life of the poor woman was extremely tragic.

Mzia is totally lonely, all her family members died. For several years already she has been bedridden, she can move only with the help of an office chair with wheels, as she does not have a normal wheelchair!

Anyway, she has almost no space to move – from her bed to the kitchen, and only between changing the bandages.

Since Mzia and her family were expelled from Abkhasia, they never had their own home; they rented an apartment and even lived in a garage refurbished for dwelling.

It was there where she fell ill. In the damp and cold premises he got terrible bed sores which ate the healthy woman alive as a result of spinal fracture. She has withstood a surgery and she did not believe she would survive.

But, as she says, God gave her mercy – during more than two years Chernovetskyi Fund has been taking care of her. The Fund provides her with food and medicines, and medical personnel of the Fund changes her bandages three times a week.

Mzia is still renting a room on the outskirts of Tbilisi. For some years now the authorities keep promising to give her an apartment but things are not moving. 

But Mzia does not give up her hope. She did not lose courage because of despair, and she believes in the kindness of people.

We ask you to take her complicated condition to your heart and provide as much humanitarian help as you can in form of medicines, hygiene products and a mattress for preventing bed sores.  Maybe there are good people among you who will present her a wheelchair and ease her destiny at least a little?

If you have a financial possibility, please transfer the amount to the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Mzia Adamia) or directly from our Fund web-site

Help the miserable, do good things, as the good will save the world, and most importantly – the life!


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