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Abandoned and insulted...

Natalia Pavliashvili often cries. She cries because of the destiny she has to live.
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Even in the most complicated and seemingly irresolvable situation you should not give up or lose hope, as there are good people in the world who give help to people in need.

Natalia Pavliashvili left all alone in her 53 years old. She was left by all closest people: they left the seriously ill woman in a dilapidated hut without any attendance or attention.

Numerous chronic illnesses drove Natalia to the condition when she almost cannot move and make the most elementary actions. Well, and the detached attitude of her relatives brought her into severe depression.

Natalia Pavliashvili often cries. She cries because of the destiny she has to live.

Natalia suffocates in her tiny room. There is nobody to tidy up, and the bed is at the edge of falling into parts. When she needs something she cries to her neighbor in the hut behind hers. She would give her water and medicine or help her to turn to another side. And when she is not at home Natalia has to endure her pain which drives her crazy!

Natalia Pavliashvili is our Fund's beneficiary. On recurring occasions we provide her with medicines, diapers, hygiene products, food. Our nurse gives her various treatment procedures and observes health of this poor woman.

We address you with a request to provide any help you can to Mrs. Natalia Pavliashvili. What she needs the most is a bed, because her bed is so shaky that maybe it would not last even for a couple of weeks.

If you have a financial possibility, please transfer the amount to the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Natalia Pavliashvili) or directly from our Fund web-site

Help provided to people in need is a chance to present them the future, to give an opportunity to regain their feet.


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