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Suddenly a tragedy struck

Several years ago 39-year old Mikhail Dzneladze used to live a normal working and family life: wife, two children, house, professional work of electrician
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The world in which our children will live tomorrow is built with the things we do today. Everyone could find a couple of minutes per day in order to think not only of himself, as no one has ever impoverished by helping the others.

Just several years ago our beneficiary, 39-year old Mikhail Dzneladze, used to live a normal working and family life: wife, two children, house, and professional work of electrician...

But the destiny prepared a fatal exam for him. Mikhail did not manage to pay for mortgage house and lost his apartment. Because of stress he had a heart attack, and the level of sugar in blood raised. First, one of his legs was amputated, and some time later, the second one as well.

Thus the full of life young man was left without lower limbs, without any means for subsistence and without any hope for future.

Municipal authorities provided the Dzneladze Family with a dwelling on the outskirts of the city in a half-finished building without a lift. Mikhail's wife does not work as she cannot leave unattended the sick husband and little children.

Social allowance paid to Mikhail is tiny. It is hardly enough for simple products. He needs to continue the intensive therapy in order to heal the wounds and to put on artificial limbs, but he has absolutely no money to do that! If Mikhail undergoes treatment, his children will stay hungry...

Social workers of our Fund constantly visit Mikhail at his place, they bring him medicines and food; they help not just with material things, but as well with kind words, as compassion and sympathy – this is an integral part of work of our Fund! 

We kindly ask you to take the sorrow of Mikhail Dzneladze close to your heart and to provide assistance to this young man in form of medicines, hygiene products and food.

You can also transfer money to the Fund account E15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Mikhail Dzneladze) or directly from our web-site


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