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Our purpose is to save them from a mischievous path!

The most important thing in bringing up a new generation is to develop the inner world, to accustom a person to active work of thought and conscience.
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Our children are our future! And it is so indeed. Depending on which knowledge, values and moral principles will be brought up in children since childhood, the things which this new generation will bring to the world will vary.

The most important thing in bringing up a new generation is to develop the inner world, to accustom a person to active work of thought and conscience. And the first role in this is given to family. Especially in family, since early childhood, the personal qualities of a child are built.

Unfortunately, this world is built in such a way that minor children who were left without parental care, without family warmth and love, are left to the mercy of fate and, as a rule, become outcasts as a result.

Since 2012 Chernovetskyi Fund has opened three family-type children's homes in Tbilisi and Kobuleti, where 30 children from disadvantaged families live in conditions close to family hearth.

If you visit our children's homes, if you speak to the foster children, you will see joy and hope in their eyes. They live in comfortable conditions, they eat a wholefood diet, they have new clothes and shoes. But that's not everything yet. The most important is that they are surrounded with care, attention and warmth given to them by their carers.

Yes, foster children from our children's homes are well-fed, dressed and shod. But that's not the most important. For us the most important is to engage in bringing them up, so that they could find their way in life and become full-fledged citizens of their country!

Before we managed to "save" them these kids did not go to school, and many of them even could not read and write.

We take every effort to pull up the studies of these children, and we have already achieved good results. Our foster children succeed in school studies and participate in various Olympiads.

But our foster children need additional education which will favor the development of their skills and knowledge, accelerate their socialization and full-scope participation in the educational process at school. As admit it, especially in this age a child's relation to the outer world is formed. And the more he/she is educated, the more his/her thoughts will be directed to making good things.

For this reason we address you with a request to provide our children with financial assistance to support their additional training. In particular, this is necessary for us to be able to hire tutors in foreign languages, maths and computer studies for them.

And maybe there are teachers among you in the above-mentioned disciplines, who could voluntarily educate our foster children?!

It is impossible to help a child who left without a family by simply feeding him, washing and warming him/her once. One should take care of him/her till majority age, as hunger, underdevelopment, deprivation of some human joys and a possibility to study will make him/her take the wrong turning from the God's path and follow a wrong and fatal way.

For this reason they need your help!

If you have a possibility to provide material assistance to children in our orphanages, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Family-Type Homes) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

You can also donate money through quick payment terminal NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Enter Charity section and select our Fund.