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Nobody is ensured against horrible destiny!

By needless tragedy Georgiy fell out from balcony of his own home, and this accident destroyed the life of this happy family.
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Dear friends, on these photos you can see one and the same person – young Georgiy! And we would like to share the story of his tragic destiny with you. The life of young, vibrant and lively man and all his family turned into a mere horror just in a single moment.

Georgiy lives in Kyiv and came to visit his parents in Georgia for vacation. This vacation became fatal for him. All the family was at home, and Georgiy invited friends for the family dinner. In the evening he went out to the balcony to speak over the telephone with his daughter who stayed in Kyiv and missed her father very much... Nobody could imagine at that time that he will not be able to enter his house independently any more...

By needless tragedy Georgiy fell out from balcony of his own home, and this accident destroyed the life of this happy family.

His father could not believe that! He could not believe that his son, who he saw an hour ago, being happy and healthy, for who he made plans for the future, was on the verge of death!

For already 1 month he is bedridden, connected to artificial life support equipment, and struggling for life! The strong young organism is still coping, but they lack money for everything!

"Despite that his condition is still complicated we believe that with payers and caring people the son will survive... despite everything!" - his parents tell hardly holding back their tears...

The family is increasingly short of money to pay the bills for staying at the hospital.

Our Fund initiates a charitable action to save Georgiy! We address all the good people! Please, do not stay idle, do not pass by the sorrow of other people, as these people need your help so much! Even the smallest, as you may think, money will allow giving a chance for life to this young man! And those who do not have a possibility to help financially, please, pray for his health!

Nobody is insured against such a grief, and no one knows what will happen to us tomorrow!

You can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Georgiy Runov) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in the Charity Section.

You can as well get additional information by telephone number 

032 219 33 21

+995 577 92 40 45

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