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Life on the knees

"My knees are already stiff, they are withered, and as the weather worsens, so immediately the pain appears, and as if with a razor cuts the muscles"
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Get down on your knees and try to make simple actions that you do every day ... pour yourself water, cook dinner, go out ... it's hard to imagine, and Nani Josava lives so from birth.
She is 67 years old. From birth suffers paralysis of the lower extremities. He could not be cured. Nani remained for life "chained to her own knees" and never in her life could not straighten herself.
"God forbid anyone to experience a feeling when at an early age you realize that there will not be a normal and happy life, that everything is already over and there is not even anything to dream about," Nani Josava says through tears.
According to her stories, she cried tearfully at long nights. It used to happen that children in the street joked and sometimes laughed. However, I firmly decided that I should accept myself as I am ...
Nani can only move crawling. Knees are her only support, thanks to which she manages to make the mind of incomprehensible actions: to go down on her lap on the stairs to get to the toilet, which is in the yard; bring water, whose source is also in the yard; plant vegetables and greens in the garden; clean the room; to mop the floor; prepare food ... And so it's going on for 67 years!
"My knees are already stiff, they are withered, and as the weather worsens, the pain immediately appears, and as if with a razor cuts the muscles," Nani Josava told us.
Today this elderly woman spends her days in total poverty. The house, built in 1954, is in an emergency condition: the floor is rotten, the roof leaks, the walls are covered with mildew, the fetid odor of dampness surrounds, sleeps on the cold floor, around the cold and half-starved existence. The fragile organism can not stand it any more and every day it gets worse and worse.
Nani recently underwent an operation of the gastrointestinal tract twice and miraculously survived both times.
"That's how I live if this can be called life ... All life is on my knees, my whole life full of spiritual sadness and unbearable pain," says the crying of Nani Iosava, who asks God only for one thing - that people do not suffer, do not suffer, and that their faces always shone with happiness.
Friends, Nani Yosawa urgently need your help. This single woman needs food, medicines, household utensils, bed linens, and knee restraints. Let's not remain indifferent to her problems and extend a helping hand. By this we can facilitate her hard existence and most importantly - give her the incentive to live on!
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